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Am i allowed to ask this?? Re Sex...?


WILL be Slim!
i just wondered if anyone else's sex life had improved since losing weight?

I have always loved and fancied my DH, but we cant get enough of each other now the weight is dropping off me....

Now initially i took that as a negative hit on the "fat" Lizz, but now i love that he fancies me so much!

I have much more confidence in myself and maybe its just that coming across, or its just the slimmer me he likes, dont know....but i like it!

Hope people dont mind me asking....but is your weight loss having a positive impact on your sex life?:D

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Going for Goal!
I'll second that Lizz! LOL - it's fab isn't it?! he he...:):):)

Hugs x x x
i wish i had someone to get jiggy with :8855:
My live in BF of 3 years dumped me before I started the diet (and was with someone else a week later) :cry::cry::cry:

All I can say is any sex would be nice ;););)
My live in BF of 3 years dumped me before I started the diet (and was with someone else a week later) :cry::cry::cry:

All I can say is any sex would be nice ;););)
Clearly he was a tw*t and you are better without him. I clearly only ever done it once and ended up with my Zane :D:rolleyes:
i second that newcastlechick! Clearly he was a tw*t and you are better without him
as to the question yes yes and hell yes! hehe
think its something to do with more / better blood flow to the required area's :D:D:D
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yes i am like a dog on heat but i think its more about confidence than anything else and i just need my hubby to catch sex drive wise lol
Awwww thanks girls - just looking forward to getting back on the horse so to speak (not that I would describe my ex as a horse - lol :D) to be honest he was quite selfish in bed so looking forward to finding someone that isn't for bonking bonanzas :8855:


Shrinky Pinky!
My weight gain threw a massive spanner into the works of my sex life. Contentious in some ways, but I was overweight, and depressed, and stressed all at once, and after 9 years together it just 'died' and he was honest enought to tell me that my weight was a massive part of the problem for him. For quite a while I thought 'You B*****d!' but I now realise it depends what turns you on - and that's different for everybody.

We've been together 17 years now - and are still together - but it's been badly affected. My weight is coming off and I get so-o-o-o much attention from other chaps its at times embarrassing :D - but I still work long days and still carry a lot of stress so it's not really coming back to us as yet. My first focus is on reaching my targets and getting some self esteem back - because I have no body confidence yet, even though I've got a body now, thanks to CD! But I think the physical stuff is going to need some hard work. There's a solid base of love and care here so it will be okay eventually. This thread is encouraging in many ways so I'll hang on in there!


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Hi from Whitburn, another tyne and wear girl here !!!!!!!!!!!
I have so much more confidence, so much that I put on some 'outfits' and did some nice pictures for my hubby !
hi newcastlechick! Is that newcastle upon tyne? If yes,i also live there and havent come across many other tynesiders on this site. so hello!
Yeah it is - the toon!! Although i live in Dunston now so i'm kind of a snide geordie at the moment :D


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Well I will certainly say that when I was not on the diet and in a fat frame of mind sex was the last thing on my mind, so i am hoping i get it back doing this diet again!

Just felt completely disconnected and unsexy - not myself at all - i know i feel different when i am slimmer.

I blame the mags and media for that - making sex to be only something sexy slim girls can flaunt - does that make sense?


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