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Am I being unrealistic?


Ex-22 stone unit!
Hiya everyone,

Well I currently weigh 17st 4lbs and I need to get this down to around 15st 12lbs as soon as possible in order to be in with a chance of getting the job I have wanted for so long, and I'm wondering if this is even possible considering the tests are in a month or two?

Any advice on what diet to go on for fast weight loss? The medical requires my BMI to be around 30 and it is currently around 32.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks :)
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It's certainly possible, though there's a big difference between one and two months... dropping around a half to three quarters of a stone in a month, and then repeating that success, is quite feasible. Dropping two stone in one month is likely to result in a greater overall loss of lean body mass rather than actual body fat.

What is your workout/meal schedule currently like, and do you have any idea what your current body fat percentage is (not BMI)?

Edit: I also noticed your post in the shoutbox, but I don't think I can post there, yet... after heavy cardio -- unless you want gains -- it's best to hold off the protein until your main post-workout meal; a good meal with a good protein:fat:carb ratio.

If you do drink it, it's not going to do much for you; save the expensive protein powder for after heavy lifting, you'll find you maintain your already existing musculature, but drop body fat & thus weight.
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Ex-22 stone unit!
Workout (every other day or more if I can):

Rowing - 5 mins - 30 seconds maximum effort then 30 seconds normal row
Treadmill - 15 minutes - 1 minute run then 1 minute power walk
Cross Trainer - 15 minutes - 1 minute on a very hard level then 1 minute on a moderate level

Any advice?

I don't really have a meal schedule, think I may need one!
If you're working out every other day, you may find it's better to find a routine that you can hold a sustained effort doing.

What I mean by that is, 15 minutes running/rowing/cross-training at a steady pace, then move onto another piece of equipment [if you choose] for another 15 minutes, then finish off with either a 2 minute maximum effort followed by a 2 minute cool down then stretch, or a 5 minute light effort cool-down and stretch.

It'll keep your heart-rate in the 'fat-burning zone' (this is your optimal bpm) for longer and allow you to drop your excess weight more quickly.

Are you not lifting any weights at all?

Strength training raises your heart rate more efficiently than cardio does.


Ex-22 stone unit!
You got any advice on lifting weights or exercises? I love weights but I stopped because I thought the weights would add numbers onto the scales :(
Light weights & many reps. Usually around 15-20. It won't build muscle, but it'll help you keep the muscle mass you do currently have, burn fat, build endurance and strengthen your core muscles (the muscles that don't grow, like your abdominals, obliques and your psoas muscles) which will improve your posture and make you appear more slender.

General rule of thumb is that if you can finish 3 sets of 15 reps without a slight struggle on the last 2-3 reps in each set, your weight is too light. If you can't make it to 15, it's too heavy, and you'll be building muscle.

As to what exercises you could do, for a good mix of both cardio & strength, you could try sandbag burpees.

If you eventually get a routine going, I'd be happy to give you my opinion on it... although the real test of whether a workout regime works or not is to do it for a few months!


Slimming down the aisle
Just get back on track and it'll soon be off! It's only 16lbs to lose, for a guy that's very achievable. You could do a VCLD, I did Cambridge and it was hard but definitely worked. For a short period it could be worth it. Or just count your calories, do exercise and you'll probably lose it anyway. How much do you currently usually lose a week? If you want to go for the calorie/exercise option, check out myfitnesspal.com which tracks all your exercise and food calories. Good luck getting the job!!
atkins diet seems a good one for men wanting to lose weight fast.
my Hubby lost 1.5st in two weeks he was quite a bit heavier than you though.

it's an easier diet for men as you have set things you can eat so there is no fussing with weighing stuff etc.
the low carb diets will shift weight off you faster than conventional diets.
have a look in the section for atkins ,dukan,low carb and vlcd diets.

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