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Am I normal. Tonight BBC2 9:00 (Monday 14th)


Gone fishing
This could be interesting. Not sure that food addiction will get a mention, but I'm sure there will be similarities.

Am I Normal?

Monday 14 April
9:00pm - 10:00pm
BBC2 South
1/4 - Addiction

"If you wanna stop, stop!" barks the white-bearded US author of a book called Addiction Is a Choice. He's the loudest voice in a programme where stately psychologist Tanya Byron tries to establish if addiction is an illness - something you catch, or are born with - or just selfish, short-sighted behaviour. The author argues that calling addiction (whether to drugs, gambling or sex) a disease legitimises it and lets people duck responsibility for their choices. But plenty of other experts (and addicts with extreme tales to tell) prefer to treat it as a brain disorder. It's an absorbing debate, the first of a series in which Byron, a calm, shrewd presence, tries to mark the boundary between "normal" behaviour, however eccentric, and harmful, pathological behaviour. Along the way we meet a heroin user cured by horses, and
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Hmm, think Ill plus this and watch it at my own pace, looks interesting but may make me angry!!


Gone fishing
I watched this today. Found it very interesting and learnt a few more things to help me along the way :clap:

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