Am I possibly the greediest person in the universe? honesty about appetite within!

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  1. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    hey guys..

    i have always been completely honest about why i am so overweight.. its not hormones or lack of knowledge or other people holding me back.. i am just GREEDY! - plain and simple... and i have a huge appetite!
    i see adverts on telly with people sitting down to a meal of 2 fish fingers, 8 or 9 chips and a handful of peas and i think ... wow, that wouldnt even begin to fill me!

    so now i am going to be completely honest about just how greedy i am... am i alone in this?

    I can quite easily eat a whole large dominos pizza to myself....

    Macdonald for me is 2 double cheeseburgers, large fries and a box of 9 chicken nuggets.... i sometimes even have an ice cream flurry too....

    I have been known to eat an entire bucket of ben and jerrys ice-cream in one sitting....

    I never split a chinese/indian dish with someone else, its always a full curry dish to myself with rice and chips and prawn crackers or naan bread...

    I can eat one of those huge grab bags of crisps to myself while watching a film, and then still want a big bar of chocolate afterwards....

    If i have a roast dinner i can quite easily munch my way through about 9 roast potatoes, and 5 yorkshire puds, and thats on top of all the other veg and meat etc...

    I have also eaten my way through an entire cheesy potato pie all to myself - i am talking about something made in a 12 inch square/ 2 inch deep baking dish!

    Obviously I dont allow myself to eat this way any longer - but this is the kind of thing i fall back into when i fall off the wagon... can anyone else relate?
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  3. SalazarSlytherin

    SalazarSlytherin Full Member

    I can relate to that. Sometimes when I think about how much I ate on hungry days it's honesty terrible.
    I could eat almost a whole 12" pizza from a takeaway or a chicken legend meal plus nuggets from mcdonalds or the big crisp bag thing then chocolate then my meals.

    It's no surprise I'm so overweight! It's been eye opening measuring potions of everything to see what a portion should look like :) To combat it I've been upping my fruit and veg to make up for small portion sizes.
  4. libby41854

    libby41854 Full Member

    I can so relate to this. My weakness is crisps and I could easily eat a whole 12 bag multi pack of crisps in one sitting and then eat lunch/dinner as usual!
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Yep, that's me too! I used to wonder if I was the only person who ate like that too, until I came on this forum, lol. It's definitely comforting when you discover there's lots of others who are equally bad where food is concerned. :)

    I now control my calories pretty tightly for the most part, and as a result have lost over 10 stone in the last 3 years, but I still allow myself the odd binge day every few months or so, when there are special occasions like my birthday or Christmas - it makes it easy to stay on the straight and narrow if I know that somewhere down the line I can let my greed have free rein for a day or so! It's worked well for me. :) xx
  6. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    Definately can relate... I still do that sometimes. I'm with Tracy, sometimes I just give myself the odd day, or weekend off here and there to eat whatever (and as much) as I'm feeling.

    Knowing that I can then jump straight back on the wagon is what gives me a sense of control!
  7. Ponytales

    Ponytales Full Member

    I can relate to the pizza thing.. if anything is gonna make me fall off the wagon......
  8. Starski

    Starski Member

    Pizza is my weakness too, though haven't had it in ages. Also things like toast with butter, so basically stodgy comforting carbohydrates... AND I'm a huge sugar fiend. Tried cutting it out and I got withdrawal symptoms, no lie! S'ridiculous, I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible now.

    But as for meals themselves, I'm usually okay with a smaller portion (if it's not something like pizza, in which case I have to eat it ALL). It's the snacking that gets me.
  9. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    Gosh I thought it was only me who did this! I just love my crisps and think share bags are a cheek!

    To be brutally honest I am not a greedy person really, I would feel sick if I ate a whole pizza or Chinese, however is confess I love all that sort of stuff and used to share it, I generally half it with someone, so it's still a lot to eat in one sitting, especially if you have it a couple of times a week like I used to. I've never eaten McDonald's or anything like that as I don't like them.

    I like chocolate but again it makes me feel sick if I eat too much of it. My mum can easily finish a whole box of Thorntons off and I can make mine last weeks! My main problem Is salty food, I love pigs in blankets and can finish off about 24 of those little bad boys in one sitting as well as a lot of crisps. I used to love Pringles but I stopped eating them in the last few months.

    I have just said to myself that nothing is really tasty enough to be fat and miserable over. That's how I have stopped eating the Pringles by the tube load. Thing is, even though I have cut a lot of the bad stuff out of my diet in the last few months I've still stayed tubby, so a big huh for giving up all my favourite stuff!
    Last edited: 21 August 2014
  10. sweetpink

    sweetpink Gold Member

    Does anyone actually share share bags? I never used to when I used to eat them (which was a lot!! :eek:) I'm yet to see someone share one lol
  11. LittleHistorian

    LittleHistorian Full Member

    I hate sharing my crisps, honestly it just loathe it, ha ha, never shared any yet,always eat a whole share bag all to myself but it gave me a tubby bum!!
  12. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Member

    These adverts on the telly are totally unrealistic - a mouse would still be hungry! No I feel your pain, every day of dieting I think about foods (large portions) and at the weekends I give into temptation. Like you I need large portions and tasty food. I've come to realise now (even when I finish dieting) I'm going to have to be a weekday dieter and pig out at the weekends. I must have been a camel in another life or something. I would never recommend this to anyone else but I know if I personally don't do this, I will be either huge, depressed or both :).
  13. Rhubarb_Cakes

    Rhubarb_Cakes Full Member

    Annoys me it's always the crisps and chocolates they promote in supermarkets, never the fruit and veg.

    In a sucker for bread, really is my weakness!
  14. I can relate to the above too. Pizza is dangerous and littlehistorian, I too have banned pringles from the house as I prefer not to share the tube. Nuts are my downfall, as is bread, cakes, chocolate, take aways etc. At least I manage to not eat while posting on minimins!!!
  15. Veggie_Girl

    Veggie_Girl Full Member

    I too have an insatiable appetite which is magnified by 100 times if I have a glass of wine!
  16. Rud

    Rud Member

    Totally relate, but I don't do that anymore. I would NEVER eat a whole Domino's pizza anymore. I think a lot of it is down to blood sugar control for me because I just don't binge eat anymore.
  17. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Oh God yes! Sharing a share bag? NO! I get (or used to get) really bummed out when my OH wanted to share my share bag. To be

    To be totally honest, I still crave all those things, in the same quantities even though I can't actually eat as much anymore, I'm fully aware that however bad it may sound, my reward for getting to goal will be a massive Dominos and a bag of Doritos, which is awful after such an achievement, but there you go, I make no promises to myself or to others to never binge again, but I do promise to TRY to make them a rare occurrence .

    I'm never going to be the type of person who doesn't have a Chinese as a Birthday present to myself, or who always has loads of veggies at Christmas to stop me having yorkshire puddings, but I'm going to try and be a healthy person 99% of the time.
    Life is too short to always be good, but it is short, and we should try and be healthy if we want to make it as long as possible life to have time to enjoy those one off treats.
  18. PlainLauraJane

    PlainLauraJane Full Member

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Given the choice I could eat all day! I absolutely love food and really don't know when to stop!
  19. McNaughty

    McNaughty Full Member

    I must admit that even though I'm only 5lbs lighter than at my heaviest I no longer binge ear like I used to. Don't her me wrong I still have a huge appetite but can't do the quantities.

    I'm hoping this trend continues & that my portions get smaller too - although I doubt it lol!

  20. Becky16

    Becky16 Member

    I used to be exactly the same! (apart from pizza, not a massive fan). I'd happily eat a big bar of dairy milk, or a big tub of Ben & jerry's to myself, and this would be a regular thing!
  21. Rexy99

    Rexy99 Member

    This is such a comforting thread, it's nice to know that we all have our own bottomless pits to fill! I used to be a sucker for sweet food, so plenty of chocolate, cake etc, but now it's the salty food I find more addictive. Pringles are the worst! Like others who have posted, I tend to give myself a day every so often when I indulge myself. In the long-term, it does no harm and actually helps a lot. I don't rebel against the healthy eating/fitness regime so much if I know I can splurge at some point.

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