am starting lipotrim 2moro !!!!


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Hi everyone, i picked up my 1st lipotrim sachets 2day and am due 2 start 2moro 4 the 1st time ever !!
i've been tryin 2 lose weight 4 many years with no success and am hopin this is 4 me :S
i know i want 2 lose the weight more than anything and plan on tryin my very hardest 2 stick this through and fight any battles :D

i was just wondering if theres anyone out there who can give me some advice or tips on things 2 make this a little easier ??

Many thanks xx
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my tip would def be to stick at it, there will be so many times ur mind will try to talk u out of it, only for you to regret it afterwards, u took this drastic step for a reason and you want to be healthy more than you want to eat right now. i wrote myself a letter for day 3 (many people think this day is the worst) with all the feelings i was experiencing before the diet (low self esteem, bad body image etc etc,) and how i felt starting out (positive, excited, forward thinking) i want it to give me that feeling of joy and excitement for the future i had at the start of day one and not the cold, hungry, grumpy - want to give up feeling of day 3 and beyond.. remind urself often of why u want this.


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Well done Sazzles, I am excited about starting my programme but needed to delay the start for a bit as a good friend arrived from Africa and is only in London for a short while, and I so want to see her so the Lipo start will have to wait till I get back from that trip.

I was wondering though - are there any pre-lipotrim tips?



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If you reduce your carbs a lot prior to your start day - you may get into ketosis quicker - and that makes things a whole lot easier!.

Best of luck to you all ! Oh, and start drinking water now - to try and get used to it - up to 4 ltrs per day, if you can get near that, the losses will be greater each week.

Give Lipotrim a fair go - it is hard, really hard, but the restrictions are there for a reason - to get you away from food and the way it makes you think. At the end of the day, we are all on this forum because we are overweight - and thats what we want to stop this 'habit'.

It bland too, but thats the way I like it - stops it being real food.

Vanilla and choc are fab - add a little coffee to alter the flavour. Thats all I have, two flavours - there are plenty of other suggestions of different options though on this forum, even when to have your shakes, hot, cold, split in half etc.

Once again best of luck, i have lost over 4 stone on LT, in 4 months - it works. The hardest bit will be resuming 'normal' food intake.



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hey sweetie best of luck for the first day of the rest of your life! it will be hard but you have to push through it. tips are drink lots and lots of water. i manage about 3.5litres a day and drink out of volvic water bottles so i know how much ive drank.
you can have peppermint tea green tea or black coffee/tea.
you can put coffee in your shakes makes them taste different , bit of a change,
you can use cooled down pepermint tea with choccy shake to make mint choc shake.
personally i can only drink them if theyre made in a blender 200ml water, 6 ice cubes, tablet sweetner, coffee and shake all whized up is amazing!!!
get to the chemist and stock up on face masks, bath salts some good books and maybe even a box set. by the end of your journey you will be beautifull because of all the early nights and relaxing and pampering you will be doing to avoid the temptations of food.
take one day at a time and youll get there..
best of luck and keep on here and let us know how your getting on x


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Awesome post there by Nerac, can't really top that, just here to say good luck and definitely stick with it, at least give it a good go for a few weeks before passing judgement :D


on the up lol
Heya and welcome, good luck tomorrow and drink plenty to keep them hunger pangs away :)


S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank u everyone 4 ur support and advice, i'm most definately gonna give this diet my all !! About 2 make my 1st drink shortly :S taste test will be interestin lol so will keep all tips in mind :) will def keep u all updated on how i get on xx


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My advice is take 1 day at a time...if i start thinking about long term it does my head in! Make mini-goals and allow yourself to decide each week if you are to carry on. You will carry on because of the difference you will be able to see on the scales and in yourself, its just nice to feel totally in control.

Good luck xx


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Good luck, Sazzles. Keep sipping water all day and pop on here as much as you can. You can do it !!! x


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thanks jax and will def use that advice lol :) x


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it seems day 3 is whats the killer 4 everyone !! think i may have 2 keep myself occupied that day and away from food lol way 2 go tho leela u did it and thats great :D x


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Yeah - day three is tough because it's about then that your body will go into ketosis. The good news is that once you've gone through that, you're losing fat!! Another danger point is 3-4 weeks in (see all the LTers changing to CD after 3-4 weeks?). My advice is to stick with it if you possibly can. I can vouch for the fact that it works (if you're strict and if you want it enough).
I think that it's really important to start to think about your relationship with food once you're in the swing of it. You will need to approach food differently when you go back to it or all this work will be for nothing.
Best advice is: keep drinking water(I find fizzy more "filling" but don't bother with posh stuff: Asda Sainsburys and Tescos all do a 2l bottle for 10p), don't obsess too much about enjoying your shakes/bars - think of them as fat burning medicine, not replacement food, and keep coming on this fantastic forum.

Good luck and enjoy the new you that will soon emerge.



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Thanx jon that is some great advice :) this is something i've wanted 4 so long, i'm determined 2 fight 4 it :D u've done well urself so a definite inspiration xx


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Sazzles ive been doing weight watchers and just healthy eating for 16 yrs since the birth of my first child, but due to fibromyalgia and a disc out in my back I suffer a lot of pain and cant do much exercise as it just puts me out for days, so loosin a lb here and there just makes you think why bother, hence my weight today :(.
I have found this diet hard the last three days, especially the second day and yesterday suffering major headaches, but its weird coz today I feel absolutely fantastic, if it wasnt for me being so overweight and in pain with sciatica, I feel like I could run a marathon. I feel so healthy today its really weird, ive never felt like this in years :).
Stay with it Sazzles my scales are going down pounds already and its only day 4 :) xxxx


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hi congats!xx sorry to sort of hijack your post but im unable to make my own posts yet...if i was 13lbs 1oz on 2wks ago and im now 12st 11 and a half pounds then how much have i lost??Im sure that the slimming world stand in at my class who weighed me got it wrong...if they ddi i should og got slimmer of the week and not the person who did,ive never been good at maths but i think im right lol....please tell me:)xx

p.s i feel so bad i did this but im pretty confused about this:(xx


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Hi sazzles I just wanted to say hi and good luck! Just keep looking forward to the first weigh in!!! It honestly spurs you on! xxx


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Hi fatlass if i'm right and the 13lb 1oz u put is meant 2 be stones then u have lost 4lb :D
Leela way 2 go hon :D know exactly how u feel about dietin 4 years and years its so depressin :( i was a fat kid and just got fatter as i got older !!! i'm now 26, 2kids later and i've had enuf !! I'm hopin the rapid weight loss is what makes me stick 2 it as its always how slow it takes that makes me quit so we just need 2 keep tellin ourselves WE CAN DO IT :D xx


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Congratulations on taking the step to using Lipotrim. I am starting today so goodluck.