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    I've used this forum on occasions in the past but given my lifes stresses, i have never lost any significant weight, i always put it down to needing a clear head (and never having one)

    I have recently (in the last three months) began taking medication from stress and anxiety, i can say the haze is beginning to clear, slowly but surely.

    I am disorganised to say the least but am slowly noticing small changes in my behaviour which have lead me to where i am right now.

    As ridiculous as it sounds.... from being a really small child i've thought i would be a singer, my other half has said for such a long time i should do it (i'm not talking famous here just maybe a band just want to prove to myself i can do it i think), but i couldn't even consider it at my size, more recently he has said we should do something together (he's a guitarist) to earn a little bit of extra money for our huge family (6 kids). I'm, starting to feel that these years are ebbing away and i'm going to be left regretting not doing it when i'm older, so i've decided.... I'm going to do it!

    I feel really motivated, have downloaded MyfitnessPal got myself some gym clothes (have a membership) and am going to go tomorrow, i've even ordered a motivational dress in a size 12!! i've managed to kick it off today with a day of calorie counting. I just have a dreadful "going to fail" attitude, so i'm working on that.

    I'm 14st5lb so it feels a bit daunting, i need to get to 10st and am a bit scared :S

    So that's me for now :)

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