amazing shake, tastes like mcdonalds milkshake..kind of!


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Just mixed up a shake in the blender and I used a tiny splash of water, loads of ice up to about 240ml mark on the jug then a splash of milk and then the powder..
now, I like this weird combination of..1/2 chocolate 1/2 banana and I add some coffee granules! If you like all three flavours, try them together!
but it would work with any other flavour.

[I also had the idea afterwards, to make milk ice cubes to use!]

blended it all up, my blender is a heavy duty jug type.
It was pretty solid when I tried to pour it out, used a spoon to help, was a bit messy.

now its sat in my glass, has a solid icy middle and the edges are slowly melting, its super cold, thick and refreshing on this..almost warm day!
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