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Amount of food packs


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:confused:I need to run something by all of you if you dont mind :)

I know its really important that we have all 4 packs each day for vitamins etc and its drummed into us each week at group and everything but why is it that if you are a 6ft 5 man weighing 400lb and a 4ft 11 woman weighing 175lb that you both have the same amount of packs?

Dont you think that it should be based on your size? No wonder some people loose tons each week whereas I only loose a teeny bit. Am confuddled?

What do you think? :confused:
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Pinkie :)

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Actually... As far as I'm aware, some people do have more packs if there are taller... Can't remember where, maybe on this forum, but I was reading it somewhere! :)

Not a very 'back-up with evidence' argument, I'll admit, but you'll just have to take it on trust! hehe... ;)

/Oh... and 'lose a teeny bit'?!?! Are you serious girl?! Lol... You've lost 42lbs in 17 weeks!!! Foooooorrrtttyyy twwwooooo!! Holy mother, that's some serious lbs of fat! You're doing fantastic! :D Luv ya! ;) x



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I have wondered about this too and am sure I heard that some men have 5 packs. I am nearly 6ft & have lost the weight quite fast. I guess on WW you have less points if you're shorter but any less than 4 packs on LL would be horrific :( x

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I've wondered about this too, all the guys in my group get the standard amount - 4 on LLT and 3 on LLL and one is much taller than me lol. When I was looking at the Cambridge diet they do give more to men & tall women......


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G: 49.9kg
Aww love you too Pinkie hun x

Thats for your replies ladies - I didn't realise that men have more than the 4 packs a day and Id certainly hate to give up one of my precious packs...I could the minutes until i can guzzle the next one :eek:

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