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Amount of food

I was just curious to know the amount of food you used to eat before you started lipotrim? I know that i used to eat loads, with me it all or nothing and that's why i cannot go on a low calorie diet because i eat a bit then a bit more then loads. I could eat all day, i am sure i was eating over 5000 calories a day. It was like an addiction. you are unhappy you eat you put on weight you are unhappy it is like a viscious circle. when i am on lipotrim it is hard but i feel better.
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I ate loads of crap!! Crisps, chocolate, biscuits.. Anything bad for me really... i also had this sad mnetality that i couldn't leave 1/2 a pack of biscuits or the ones left in the packet would miss the ones i had already eaten, so i had to finish them all!! How bad is that!! lol
Yes I was like that, i used to even make butter sandwiches with digestives bicuits, may be up to 8 of them (16 biscuits) then would have no shame eating a large bar of cadbury milk chocolate (200g), 12 packets a crisps a day, croissants plus all the meals. enormous amount of food. sad isn't it?
im an all or nothin kinda girl too ,id eat all day long without stoppin so im hopin to change that awful habit when i eventually go back eatin :(:(:(:(
im 18 stone this is my first week so im hopin for a good loss on monday


addicted to minimins!!
im the same all or nothing.. i could go days without eating if i wanted to but everyday i would just eat and eat.. and id go through phases of what i would eat for a month or two at a time. from sausage rolls to caramel slices. add to that everything bad like packets of biscuits , crisps, chocolate and anything pastry like...gosh i feel ill and ashamed to say all this!! but it is an addiction and i have to look at it like that..
again like pumpkin,,that is why, i too can only do this diet or i would eat everything in sight!.....

also the weird thing is i would never have breakfast lunch dinner i would either not eat until late and then eat lots,, or i would just consistently eat throughout the day..

oh i feel ill now.. what was i doing to myself!! :( x


addicted to minimins!!
wait!!! i feel so naughty,,shouldnt this post be on main lipotrim forum cos 100percent tfr isnt meant to have mention of food and we have named loads of foodds.....soorrryyy!!!! everyone look away now!!

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