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Amount of water mixed with shakes.

As some of you know, this is my first day.

Just finished my second shake, and used about 400ml of water in the bottle, shook it to get it mixed up (didnt realise i'd need a blender) then topped it up to fill the bottle (500ml)

Is this about right ?
Have to admit, i was struggling to finish the shake as i felt full.
Is this normal ?

litre and a half of extra water so far too. Just starting my 4th 500ml bottle now.
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Ooh dear lord I can't bear more than 200ml before I am full! I think as long as you can dissolve all the powder then its personal choice as to what feels right for you.

A blender definately helps cos you can use must less water and get a nice thick and creamy shake whereas mixing in a bottle you probably need more just to get it dissolved. I remember my first day on LL - I bought a blender after my very first shake and never looked back! Loving the switch to CD as I can now take a choc tetra for lunch instead of having to make a lumpy LL shake at work.

Well done on the water - keep glugging away - it will feel normal soon! I'm lucky - I started on LL where the minmum you had to drink was 4 litres so I came to CD already drinking 4-6 litres a day.


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Just finished my second shake, and used about 400ml of water in the bottle, shook it to get it mixed up (didnt realise i'd need a blender) then topped it up to fill the bottle (500ml).
That's a lot of water. Won't hurt though, just might taste a bit watery. I think most people have about 8oz (about 236ml) per shake, though I always had a bit more with the soups.


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Personally I split all my shakes and have them with loads of hot water (600 mls ish). Lovely. Can't stand them cold or too strong!!!

Each to their own though! Hope you find a way that suits you!



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In a blender i first mix the power with 10oz of water, then i add about 10 ice cubes and blend it up again makes about a pint and its nice and creamy and thick
I wouldn't say it's watery at all, although i have nothing else to base it on.
Will it do any harm having it that way ?

I dont really want anything too thick, although i may start trying them hot ! :)


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No. Certainly won't do you any harm. In fact it's probably better that way as you get some extra water in :clap:
It's unlikely to do you any harm, I just prefer mine creamy really. It's absolutely your choice and if you start using tetras at work (they are 200ml) then you could just make them up with some more water as somebody else said.


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Hey, I have vanilla, choc, cappuccino, choc mint all hot. With the capp. I add an extra spoon of coffee and personally think it's not far a real coffee shop cuppa ;)

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I normally use between 300 - 350mls and that is enough for me!!

I use a hand whisk to make it nice and frothy!
I dunno if I would add as much water to your soup as you did to the shake cos that really might be watery? Mind you, only on way to find out!
Well I'm not the best person to ask as I gave up on soups a while ago but when I did have them it was with about 300ml water max (definately NOT boiling) which made a well flavoured a creamy consistency without it being too thick. KNow what you mean about the crusty bread too!
Either that or quite often people use a small amount of cold water to get the soup mixed well then add hot water to top it up to their preference
I find that the Oriental Chilli soup is so tasty and full of flavour that if I have half of it with 300ml of water it still tastes good. With the other flavoured soups I use 300ml for a whole pack.

I tend to have half a soup and half a shake afterwards so that I'm getting a dinner and a pud!

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