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Amy Adele a proper update


its a long road
Well im going to my first meeting tomorrow :sigh:....... very nervous, feels like first day of school all over again ....:eek:

been looking around on here and it all sounds a bit complicated and im hoping i can get my head round it all.

Thought id write a diary to get it all out lol

im going shopping afterwards so i can start on friday not sure what i have to buy yet and im a list writer hehe its hell not being able to write my shopping list.

well wish me luck :)
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Hi and welcome hun... it can be a little difficult to get your head around at first but we've all been there and are here to help. My advice would be to sit down and read your book cover to cover... helps to get an idea of what you can and can't have. Also the magazines are a great source of information. Then... saying that... any problems or questions you have will have more than likely already been asked on here. If not, just post, no matter how daft it seems, and someone will reply.

Good luck xxxx


I can do this............
Welcome to the forum and welcome to slimming world! I love the diet and cant recommend it enough!
My advice is take your time getting your head round it we all make mistakes in the first few weeks! Trust the plan believe me it does work!
This forum is great for when you first start out and is like a lifeline to me, just dont be afraid to ask!
Good luck!


its a long road
hmmmm its my first meeting tonight.

How much money should i take roughly lol

just need to know wether i need to go to the cash point first lol x


Are you joining tonight?? You'll need roughly a tenner for joining fees. If you want to buy hi-fi bars and magazines as well I would take another fiver-ish.

Good Luck xxxx


its a long road
yeh im joining tonight,

thats good got just about enough in my purse, thank you



its a long road
Just been to my first meeting and .............

i was 2 pounds lighter than my doctors scales said a week ago

so im already feeling a bit happier.

everyone was so nice im gonna go and write a shopping list and plan my meals :)

goodtimes! x


its a long road
My man took me away for the weekend, as a suprise i dont mean to sound ungratefull.........but it was my first week lol oh well i have 4 days left to make something happen .................. maybe i wont syn as much lol


Hey... you can still pull it back hun. Just keep to plan and even if it don't show this week, it will show next. And a surprise weekend away??? How nice is your man??? LOL!!!


its a long road
lol yeh is rather lovely he even had a banana over chocolate with me today so i wouldnt be too tempted :)


its a long road
The foods fine but what can i drink lol?

thats my main problem im getting bored of water and theres only so much tea i can drink lol
Youl soon be hooked on diet coke LOL

Sounds like you had a nice weekend away, and dont worry i know what you mean.. sometimes nice things like that can upset plans! but your doing fine and sounds like youv got your head round it enough to pull it back and shift some weight :) Wishing you best of luck for Wi! xxxxxxxxxxxx


its a long road
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i lost 5 pounds :):):)


its a long road

well i need to remember how good this feels and use it to keep me on track :):)


Starting over
hey that was a brilliant first week weight loss, well done you, bet you were over the moon:)

If you want to change your height, go to user cp (top right ) and then click on edit details, put in height in inches - i think 5 foot 5 would be 65 inches, then save changes and this will then hopefully sort out your height and give you an accurate BMI.-Good luck:)

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