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Amy's EE Weightloss Journey :)

Hi, i'm Amy & i'm 21... I have a 7 & a half month old daughter Lillie & currently approaching 28 Weeks pregnant with a little boy :)
I was just under 10st when i got pregnant with Lillie & a comfortable size 10... Durring my pregnancy i gained a whooping 5 stone!! I Lost 2 and a half stone in the short 4 week break before accidently falling pregnant again... Then until 3 weeks ago when i found slimming world i had gained quite a bit of weight again taking me to 14st 4lbs and i knew that was not good! as having 15 weeks till due date so begun slimming world and have amazed my self by loosing 9lbs in 2 weeks taking me to 13st 9lbs!!

I have my third weigh in tomorrow... So will see how it goes! Look forward to hearing from others and sharing this journey with you :D

Happy Slimming xxx
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hi mrs_davis oh my u will have ur hands full :eek: there was 13mths between my 2 youngest and aslo had a 4 and 6 year old as well but muddled through lol, well done losing 9lb thats a great start good luck on ur weight loss journey and with the babies :)
Thank you :) I know i'm going to have my hands full...be worth it in the end though having them grow up close together! Still shocked about it to be fair, not really sunk in!!

Well done on your fab loss so far & hope you continue to be so successful :D xxx
Diet Coke Chicken

Thought I'd try the Diet Coke chicken recipe i've seen so many people speak of; i decided to add chinese spice as seen someone who used this as didn't want it to turn out like bbq sauce (as don't like it)

Was nice enough, but wouldn't say it was one of my fav slimming world recipes tried so far! BUT for 0 syns can't complain!!

Slightly apprehensive about WI tomorrow but shall see how it goes!! xxx
Its deffo hard with them being so close! Mine are close but It pays off as they will be so close to eachother (im hoping) and they grow up being able to play with eachother properly etc!! I want to try the diet coke chicken but just havn't botherd yet - seems abit weird :/ lol Im deffo not looking forward to weigh in this week at all.. next week im gno do it hardcore lmao - lots of superspeed soups! Looking on here and theres some yummy ones!! xxx
Defo give the diet coke chicken a try hun, cause i know so many people rave about it :) Yeah i'm going to be really good next week, no subways!!! Hehe... but least i've stayed within my weekly quota of syns which i'm suprised as been so tempted by goodies available in the festive season!! :D xx
i know me too! ive got xmas treats n drinks in the cupboard 4 xmas n its killinggggg me knowing there all yummy in there!! but evn if i ate one - id b disappointed n be like - oh is this it?? so keeping off of them til xmas! 3 weeks 2 go we can lose loads in that time :) xx
Weigh In No.3...

Well day 21 on plan...& Weigh In No.3 and the result is...

Another 2lbs off :D Really pleased thats 11lbs off in 3 weeks & being pregnant! I do not expect to keep loosing it's just my body getting rid of how much crap i had shooved down my throat for the first 25 weeks of this pregnancy till i saw the light!!

Now onto Week 3 on plan and still full of excitement of eating SO much & trying out new ideas/recipes/foods!!

Good Luck to all thoose who have Weigh In today!!

Well done hunni :) thats what i love about it aswell that were learning to cook and try out all new things its good fun!! deffo a lifestyle change 4 me rather then a diet i love it!! at first i thought it looked more complicated then ww but its soooooo much easier!! xxx
MOST definitely agree... It's been a lifestyle change for me too which is going to continue!! :D

Well done on reaching your first stone loss hun! Should be very proud with yourself!! Especially with all the events you've had this week hehe!! You set a goal of weight off before crimbo? or going with the flow?? xxx
my goal was 1stone b4 xmas!! and ive done it! cant quite actually believe it so my next goal is 7lb i reckon! xx
day 21 on plan...Food Diary

Well here goes... beginning to keep track of everything i eat on here too... so have to be good for all those happening to read... hehe!

Was meant to be out tomorrow for a meal for Hubby's 24th birthday but problems with work means not going to happen so having big steak tea :D

Ham Salad (Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions)
Steak & sw chips
peas & Carrots
Peppercorn Sauce: 2.5syns
Milky way crispy roll:6.5 syns (Naughty i know but fancied first chocolate in 3 weeks!! :D)
Total: 9syns

Sound good? If anyone has suggestions as to why not following 100% plan.. please let me know!! xxx
oo i might do this so i can keep track and havnt got to write it down on loads of sheets of paper lol!! sounds really good sounds like my days! x
Congratulations on your loss so far, and on your pregnancy - did you have to get a letter from your doctor to sign up to SW? Or are you just following at home?

You really have done great and seem really positive, so good luck with everything x
At the moment.. We live in Germany as OH is in the Armed Forces, and our house is a 20 minute drive from camp; which is where the local class is held... we are due to move house sooncloser to camp... so hoping of joining the class then :) So currently doing it from home... which suprised i'm saying so motivated!! My midwife knows i am following the plan though as she suggested it would be a good idea with having two pregnancies one after another hehe and putting on SO much weight!!

Thank you ever SO much & Good luck with your journey :D xxx
Well now at the end of day 21... Have a little hiccup tonight... had a few bicuits... but shouldn't have taking me over on syns... Blame the hubby...Hehe!
But then again he did discourage me into tucking into some chocolate... so i had grapes instead!!

Feeling a bit ill tonight... and very tired!!! Think it has something to do with the painkillers i'm taking for my spd...Think a trip to midwife is on order to see what's going on!!

Anyway until tomorrow... Good Night xxxx
Day 22: Food Diary...

Day 22:07/12
Wholemeal toast: HeB
Butter: 1.5 syns
tuna salad
Salad Cream:1.5 syns
Jacket & Beans

I am going to indugle in a hot choccie tonight: 2 syns
Total: 5 syns

Definitely finding it helps writing my meal plan on here... no cheating or sneaky syns hehe!! :D Hubbys birthday today but he's on 24 hour guard shift.. Booo... So i'm going to enjoy a day with my little princess and hopefully get some body magic done today!!

Have a nice day!!! xxxx
oooo sounds like a yummy day!!!

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