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    Hiyaaaa :)

    So my names amy. im 17 years old & overweight. My highest weight was 13 stone, lowest was 8 stone & my current weight is 11.2 stone.
    I have lost almost 2 stone since last yr through cutting down on food & walking, but still feel uncofortable. I am a size 12-14, & aim to be a 8-10 sometime this year:rolleyes:!
    I gained the weight because i was badly bullied at school, including physical, sexual & mental, which affected me so badly I didnt leave the house for 3 years, therefor doing no exercise & comfort eating, however I have since got 2 gorgeous labradors that need lots of walking & I take them out everyday.. I feel protected when i'm with them. I also have a 15min bike ride everyday & do lots of bouncing on my trampette, situps etc.
    My mum is realy encouraging & is on weight watchers, so we eat pretty healthily.
    My problem is, i eat for the sake of it. I just cant help it.. I try not to but always do. This is gonna hopefully change though as i have decided to start a food diary, hopefully shocking me as to how much food I eat.
    Any questions are welcome, thanks for this forum whoever made it! its realy helpful.
    Hope your all ok & achieving your goals, I know how weight loss affects the mind, I feel so much better almost 2 stone lighter since last yr.

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    Breakfast -
    Strawberries; 27 Calories
    1 Satsuma; 26 Calories
    Half A Banana; 50 Calories
    Some Honeydew Melon; 64 Calories
    Sunflower Seeds; 120 Calories
    2 Big Spoonfuls Low Fat Greek Style Yogurt; 50 Calories
    = 337 Calories

    Lunch -
    Can Of Tuna; 137 Calories
    Spoonful Weight Watchers Salad Cream; 10 Calories
    Lemon Juice & Grounded Black Pepper; 20 Calories
    Cucumber; 12 Calories
    3 Cherry Tomatoes; 15 Calories
    Lettuce; 6 Calories
    = 480 Calories

    Dinner -
    1 Weight Watchers Beef Lasagne; 259 Calories
    Small Tin Weight Watchers Beans; 131 Calories
    2 Slices Garlic Bread; 165 Calories
    = 555 Calories

    Drinks -

    4 Litres Water; 0 Calories
    2 Cans Diet Coke; 2 Calories
    = 2 Calories

    Total Calories = 1,374 Calories
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