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An Eating Plan To Stick To?

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First post so "hello!"

I'm looking for an eating plan that both Hubby and I can follow.
I'll be completely honest I'm a carb addict - I love carbs, so a very low carb diet isn't going to be one I can stick to for any length of time.
I try to eat pretty low fat, have been taking Xenical for a week now (so far no icky side effects).
I suffer with Agoraphobia so no long walks for me. I also suffer with back problems which mean I can't stand for very long (sometimes standing long enough to cook is near impossible).
I'm on a very limited income.

Early last year I hit my peak of 318lbs. In August I bought that down to 302lbs (so close to having a number beginning with 2). Sadly it started to creep back on and at the beginning of this week I was at 308.8lbs - down to 304.4 as of today.

I know I should eat more often, but that's something I have a mental block on - I seem to forget.
An average breakfast would be 30g cornflakes with semi skim milk and 2 pieces wholemeal toast with marmite or low fat spread.
Lunch and snacks just don't happen.
An average dinner would be home made cottage pie, baked chicken (kitties get the skin) with veggies. Or if having salad then 1 bag mixed leaves between the 2 of us with a little feta or wafer thin ham with tomatoes, red onions, red peppers, etc

I need to get a visual reference on any food plan.
For example I have a plastic cup which is exactly 30g of cornflakes. The same cup is enough dry rice for 2 people.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Welcome JustKia:welcome:

If you love your carbs and like to feel full and make your own meals then Slimming World Extra Easy or the Green plan might suit you.

Have a look at this link which explains it and see what you think.


Also here is another link to photos of some of the meals that those on the plans have made to give you an idea of the portion sizes allowable, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.:)


You will only have to tweak what you are planning yourself a little to follow it.


One day at a time :)
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If healthy eating is your thing then fantastic!

I, like you, am a carb junkie! However, portion control is all that's required to sort that problem out :) have a look at these: Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs - UK - Shop
I use them & it stops me going overboard.

My daily eating looks something like this:

Breakfast: homemade smoothie (fruit, yogurt, ice) & a slice of toast (wholegrain) with a scrape of low fat spread.
S: fruit/nuts/yogurt or similarly healthy snack
L: egg/tuna/chicken/prawn salad with a small wholegrain roll
S: veggie sticks & hoummus or apple with natural peanut butter.
D: cottage pie with veggies

Two things are very important:

1. Portion control! Get a "Diet Plate" if you have to.
2. Try not to add any fat when cooking if you can help it. If you have to, use a spray oil or similar :)

Good luck & let us know what you plan to do :)


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Just a thing re carb junkie. I am one too(oh yes) BUT i find if i eat carbs i cant control my weight, i feel lethargic and rubbish. After starting atkins I dont get the cravings for carbs and I feel great. (just had to put my two penneth in ;) )
best of luck with sw does sound good for you x
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another vote for slimming world's extra easy plan. and dh and i also do it as a team, which is great! it works so well for us, as we really do love our food and like huge big portions, and we can do this with slimming world x we are 18 stone lighter between us :)