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An Extra Sachet? Friday Night Treat Question

HI Everyone. Just a quick question. I have just discoved the chicken and mushroom soup.. very nice. Im on CD sole source day 4. But i was wondering and i allowed to have another sachet or 1/2 a sachet if i have had my 3 for the day? I am 5 foot 3.

Just thought would be nice just once to have dinner and maybe something sweet like the instant mousse?

Am i even allowed to have instant mousse yet?
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hiya your not supposed to have more that 3 unless you are doing ss+ also mouses are allowed after 2 weeks x
you arent allowed mousse yet darling. But if you are on ss then you cant have an extra anything until you step up to ss+. If you are really determined to lose you should stick to plan, that is why they have steps. you can chose to do ss+ instead of ss if you feel you cant deal with the hunger but remember, after week 1 and 2 it really does get easier and you wont feel so hungry or even like having a treat. the weekly WI help spurr you on so I would suggest waiting until you have your first WI to decide what to do and talk to your cdc.
ill eleborate lol people who are over 5 foot 8 have to have 4 packs, as u are under that it is 3 for you unless you want 4 then it is called ss+ you should probably speak to your cdc to check everything and have a chat about whats best for you?
lol wellandgood....thats what i meant haha im not so great with words atm :D
Thanks everyone. My weigh in is on Tuesday. I just switched over some flavours tonight and picked up a mousse.. wasn't sure about the rules on that one.. so thanks for help. No hungry anymore and doing well... but i still like the taste of things :)
wierd your cdc should'nt have sold you the mouse really...
ohhhhhhhhhh i didnt realise that!!! maybe your rules are different to ours?
I dont think so. I think the rules are the same. well i'll stick to em.
feeling good now after those two days of hunger pains. Found some of those good recipes for SS sachets as well. Cool site. Thanks guys.
Cheers from down under
nellie carefull with the recipies hun you should NEVER freeze, or cook sachets lol :s
incognito, you are allowed mix a mouse after 2 weeks on cd, its a lil tub of gelatine that you add to the shakes :)
When I am really hungry or going out or something I sometimes have an extra sachet. I checked with cdc who said it was alright as long as not all the time. Maybe on a Saturday night when I'm watching TV, I might have half a bar with a coffee. Other people say you aren't allowed though. I hate the mousse anyway

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