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An honest opinion please

Hi all

Did a bit of shopping in the sales yesterday and chose this dress. It is something I have never tried wearing before and I am not sure whether it suits or is a little too young for me. I would really value your honest opinion as it can be tempting to go a bid mad in the shops and lose all common sense!

Thanks in advance and please excuse bad hair day and red nose!!


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Given you my 2 cents on MSN, but i said that cos our little Georgie is so skinny now with bootiful curves and a weeny waist she needs something that nips in at the waist.

Still a nice dress though, just if you've got it - FLAUNT IT!
mwah xxx


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the dress looks great nothing wrong with it and deffo not to young for u .But have to say other clothes ive seen you in show off your great figure and think if you have it flaunt it .Sorry if ive upset u or been to harsh as i said you look great in the dress but u look fantastic in other outfits iv seen you in xx
No not harsh at all, I really do want honest opinions, I'm experimenting and don't believe I will always get it right. I trust you all and value your comments.



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Now I think you look fab, the colours are great on you, and its definately not too young.

Why don't you try a wrap dress now that you have teeny bits? It would nip you in at the waist and it looks like your boobs need showing off! Boden do some great ones, and if you look on ebay you might bag a bargain.

I still think you look fab though, it looks great with your boots, and I am sure you will get wear out of it later in the year with shoes/sandals/flip flops. Very versitile.............if only you dont lose any more weight!!



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Remember this is just my opinion....from a 52 year old who loves fashionable stuff herself.

I think you need things with more shape, that show of your slim waist . But at the end of the day you must feel comfortable.
Great dress and easy solution to make it even better - get a wide belt to show off your waist. I have a dress like this and did that and it looks much better (Primark do ridiculously cheap belts as well)

MM x
Hiya Porgeous,
You said you wanted honesty so here goes........
Firstly, I think you look fantastic and the dress is definately NOT too young for you - you look really young yourself ya know!
Personally, I don't really like geometric prints they don't look good on me but you look good - especially with the boots.
The only thing I'd really say is that you do need a belt or something to show off your curves and your waist - like thee others are saying - you have it so flaunt it and, blimey girl, if you are sayin that's a bad hair day then you should see mine most days - even when I've done it!lol
You are looking so good and have been so supportive so hope you don't mind my honesty here. You do look good but with a belt all the bloke's tongues would be hanging out!lol
I think it suits you, certainly not too young for you - no worries there. Looking at the fabric I am guessing it is soft and moves quite a bit. So your figure will show without any cinching with belts etc, if a dress is cut to be worn without a belt than adding one can lead to spoiling the overall line.
Thanks everyone. You're honesty is really appreciated, I knew I could rely on you to give it to me straight. Opinions seem to be mixed but I get the general feel that it looks good but possibly not the most flattering thing for my curves. Will deffo try it with a belt to see if that makes a difference.

Thanks again gang



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I think its a lovely dress and really suits you. Even though its not fitted (those type of dresses arent ment to be) it still shows that you have a great figure and the colours really suit you :)

I like it. Would put it with opaque black tights and thick wasp belt.

just an opinion, not meant to offend,

it looks like just the sort of dress I would have bought before I slimmed down, something that safely hid all sorts of horrors underneath - which you no longer have!

I've had to try really hard to change my shopping habits and have bought some lovely dresses from Wallis in the sale that now show off my figure and when I put them on I feel a million dollars. like you I have a 'curvy' figure where boobs are concerned and as mentioned by someone earlier wrap dresses look great and show off a trim waist really well.

another way to look at it is, yes you do look great, as everyone is saying and YOU KNOW that underneath the slightly shapeless fitting you have a fabulous shape!!!!

I'm certainly not a fashion expert but not sure about the belt look with such a bold pattern, the boots definitely go well with it though.

well done on your fabulous success and carry on doing plenty of experimenting with clothes!

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