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An Inspiration!

I have looked over some of the threads over the last couple of days to try to decide if LT will be right for me. I have to say you are all so positive and so supportive. I know my hubby will not like me doing LT but I feel I need too.

What I am worried about is starting so close to Christmas, could i do a refeed week then though and be very carefull about what I do eat?
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Hello, im on day 6 of LT and it was reading the stories on here that made to choose LT. Why wont your hubby like it?

I'm not going to eat over xmas because ive heard its harder to start the second time round and i know if i stop now i wont carry on.

Good luck!!


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Welcome to both of you, LT is the best!

In theory yes you could refeed the week before Christmas but like Vicky I'm going to sacrifice a christmas dinner this year for the sake of a healthier slimmer me next year because I know I'd struggle to get back on track if I started eating. It's purely a personal choice, there are many here who are coming off for Christmas, there is no right or wrong, only what you think would suit you best for sticking with the plan.

Best of luck!


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Hi and welcome :)

You could do a week of food over christmas but bear in mind that its much much harder to get back onto TFR after eating again.

Personally i would start when you are ready to commit 100% to a TFR diet untill you are at goal, otherwise you might find youll be stopping and starting and really getting nowhere fast.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do :) xxx
It can be harder the second time around but I think it depends where your head is! If you are determined, then it can be done, theres no actual physical reason why it should be any harder.
Personally, I plan on re feeding the week before, eating over Christmas (but not going berserk!) and then getting back to it aftrewards.

I think ALL diets are harder the second time around but the fab losses on meal replacement diets keeps you going in my opinion!

Good Luck whatever you decide
Hi, i've been on this diet for nearly 13 weeks, the plan was always to come off at 13 weeks for 5 weeks (this is 4 weeks refeed and 1 week eating sensibly) and then going back on it but for shorter bursts (5 weeks diet, 1 week refeed and to keep going like that til I get to goal) and has been backed by my pharmacist. As previously said, the result of this diet really depends on how determind you are to lose weight, the more determind, the more sucessful you will be at sticking at it, therefore if you are not ready, and 100% commited, it will not work. I really do believe that if you have come off the diet due to circumstances and you are controlling that, it is easier to go back on it when the time comes, however, i think if you come off the diet because you cheated, or you weren't ready, you will really struggle to get back on it, its all about your control, my biggest question to myself on this diet is: am i in control of food, or is food in control of me? before, food was always in control, but now, I'm very proud of the fact that I am in control. good luck
Hi I have been on it 6 wks and due to circumstances I am having to come off it over christmas. So instead I am doing refeed now and plan to stay on refeed until Jan 1st then go back onto the shakes. So with a bit of luck it shouldn't be to hard. I have not enjoyed going back to eating at all and really miss being on my shakes!

like everyone has said before it's got to be right for you. If starting now and refeeding is for you then do that. For me i was just fed up with the constant excuses i was making, you know where you end up saying on a Friday night, 'Diet starts Monday!!'

i just bit the bullet and thought sod it i'm starting and nothings going to stop me...

thats my perspective if it helps

best of luck with whatever you do

I'm only on day 5 and i already look back and think i'm over the hard bit and looking forward to some good weightloss and a fitter healther life...NOW!!!

Jay ;)

I think you'd be better off starting after Christmas if you really want to eat over the holiday. From experience, it is super tough trying to get back on track after eating, so, re-feeding so soon into your journey probably isn't wise. That said, by Christmas you may not feel the desire to break the diet because you'll be doing really well by then :)


irish molly

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You can only decide this for yourself. Perhaps, make a concerted effort from Jan 1. Meantime be careful and have a moderate Christmas.
I'd agree with Hannah - this close to the holidays I think you're better off waiting until January to start - but you should start to prepare yourself mentally. This diet is as much about sorting your head out as anything else.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
Thank you for all your support, I actually starated on Tuesday so this is day 4 for me. I am finding it really hard today as I am at home and going away with the family for the weekend. Just wondering if I should start after xmas now and be really careful untill then.


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I agree with most of the other posters above - its probably best to start after Xmas but use this time before to eat carefully and make sensible choices. Also use the time to prepare yourself for the LT journey.
Days 3-5 are always hard as that is when you are likely to be going into ketosis. Going through it twice is what we were trying to advise you to avoid, so now why not stick it out? Things will quickly improve, you will feel less hungry and after 2-3 weeks you should start to feel more energetic too. Of course Christmas will be different, but why throw away your efforts (and by then three decent weight losses) for the sake of a turkey dinner. I'm already planning next year's dinner, and putting this year on hold until I am a sensible, healthy and manageable size.
Good luck Bumpy - you're through the worst bit now!!

hey bumpy
im currently on slimfast and now ive decided to move over to lt. it is possible to start now but if you do, remember that even in your refeed week you cant have any alcohol.
for me being 19 and being away for xmas i no i will have a glass of wine or so.
ALSO... my pharmacist said that you can only restart the diet three times max in six months. i wanted to start now and come off for xmas and then start back but i really think im going to start jan 1st.

im not eating loads now jst steadily losing about 2lbs a week. so im going to continue will sfast over xmas and then start i think its best.

if you start jan 1st we can buddy up. also im sure the support here in jan will be 200 percent cos peoplee will have their new years resolution!!!
good luck with what u decide!..

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