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And here we go!!! Excited or what?!*

Right, tonight is the night. Joining Slimming World and-a-feeling-alright!! Have been looking through all these forums (as a defecter from Cambridge I can't wait to start eating lush food), have sorta been doing my own thing this last couple of weeks. Havn't lost any, but havn't put any on either.

Really looking forward to being part of Minimins Slimming Folks!!!!

I'll be rabbiting on to myself everyday on here, please feel free to join me with ideas and encouragement......some of it looks a little confusing, but I'm sure I'll understand it in the end.

Hope everyone is doing well themselves, you are all a great inspiration to newbies like me! xx
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Came out of last night's meeting slightly disappointed. Have been squirreling away the pennies so I could sign straight up for the 12 weeks countdown, and buy all the recipe books available. Er, ok....no books available for a couple of weeks. Thank goodness for the online website! Although lovely, the Consultant was very distracted as she had an area manager (I presume that's who she was) watching and none of the 'newbies' were given our PIN so we could sign on (hence a hurried text at 10 o'clock last night once I realised). The meeting seemed to go on forever but I know that now I'm all signed up it won't take so long each week. Still finding it hard to believe that we can eat so much and still lose weight (remember I used to do Cambridge booooo) but have been trawling through the info on here and magazine. Sat down still feeling happy that I've made the decision to join Slimming World ready to plan menus, so then my magnetic planner was stuck to the fridge with general ideas of what to have for dinners the next week, books on my lap, let's go for it!!

So far pretty basic, but not doing shopping till later.

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, halved cherry tomatoes and half a tin of baked beans. Surprisingly yummy :)
Lunch was a bit boring, havn't done my shop yet so had a rummage and ended up with a mugshot sweet n sour flavour and a few satsumas.
Now dinner was a different matter. OH jumped on the picture of this in the magazine straight away.....mixed stuffed peppers and SW chips......OMIGOD bliss!!!!! I slipped with the chilli flakes but wow was lush! Added half a slice of Kerry Foods Low Low cheese slice to each one. After doing my diary I realise I still have up to 12 syns and a hex b choice left to eat, will have to have a Hi fibre bar, maybe an Options hot choc to use up the rest of my milk allowance sigh. Then what? Lol think I'm going to like this 'diet'.....hope everyone else had had a good day too xx
Morning fellow slimmers!
Had a hankering for 'french toast' this morning, so made it SW styleee, bit too much yogurt on the top so it went a bit soggy but was still tasty with the fresh strawberries. Made some for my daughter too but used proper bread for her, she gulloped it up so it must have been good lol (she's a real skinny minnie, size 6 and nearly 5ft 10, usually a fight to get her to eat at all so was really chuffed). She's looking forward to helping me cook the meals too, and has put a couple of ideas of her own on the planner. I havn't been cooking properly recently even though I work as a chef because I was on Cambridge, my darling OH cooked for himself and D, so now I'll be getting my hands dirty and cooking all those lovely meals. Such bliss that I can now eat with them.
Lunch will be left over Stuffed Peppers from last night with a side salad, dinner I think will be something fishy with cous cous, am going to play around with that a bit.

Is anyone else having a good time like me? lol xx
I am also enjoying it, I honestly think SW is one of the best plans around, I don't think of it as a diet
There is NO WAY i could ever do Cambridge lol love my food too too much

I just need to plan a bit better to stop me going over my syns (oops)
Your positive attitude is great, keep it up!
Hope your next meeting is better
Is it a thursday class? Can't remember when you your first post was??
I WI on thurs too :)
Julia and chazle thanks for your responses. Yep my meetings are on a Thursday evening, I've signed up for the 12 weeks countdown but even tho I don't enjoy the individual finger pointing after the weigh in's I'll still stay because I refuse to pay £5 just to get weighed. I did think 'shall I just join up, get the books and do it myself?' but I know I need the thought of getting weighed by someone else to keep me on the straight and narrow. I will admit tho, I've started slimming clubs before with the friend I joined this one with.....and she is very shy and can't stand the after chat so stops going, so possibly I may end up going on my own or start weighing myself. Hopefully not tho cos I really like having someone to go with!

How are you guys doing? xx
good luck hun sounds like our doing well, i cant advise on the meals as i am clueless lol
my menu is on my thread and im just hoping i am doing it right, i wish you all the luck....i think we will be setting off together so lets do this!!!!
Not too bad thanks, got a lovely homemade chilli bubbling away for tea as we speak.
I don't stay to class atm because my partner works evenings and I have two daughters so basically I pick them up from school when I finish work start the tea and then at 5.30 nip down the road (literally) dragging them along just to be weighed! Then it's straight back to scoff my tea lol
I agree about paying a fiver just to be weighed, I have just finished my 12 week referral from the gp so have only paid once so I may well start to get annoyed! I might start asking my mil to babysit so I can stay when the weather gets a bit warmer. The class I go to is in a football clubhouse which is freezing and I just wanna get home and get warm!
Dinner was basa white fish with a paste of breadcrumbs (from hexb), herbs, lemon, garlic and a tablespoon of grated parmesan (1.5 syn). Served with lemon and coriander cous cous, broccoli and baby corn. And do you know what? I couldn't blinking eat it all! In fact, I actually started feeling pain (think of christmas day, when you stuff yourself stupid uncomfortable type of pain). Not used to eating proper breakfast, lunch and dinner AND snacks. Feels weird saying that considering how big I am lol but it's true. Still got loads of syns yet as well.
Must figure out how to download pictures onto here and also onto the 'post your pictures' thread xx
Right nighty night folks, happy slimming dreams, will hopefully be having a lie in tomoro if my back allows me then a nice grill up brunch for lunch. Happy Saturday xx
Hi lasttime lovely I'm doing great thankyou and hope you are too? Got to tell you, I just had the most gorgeous brunch: bacon, poached eggs, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, 2 slimming world sausages (from approved local butcher=1 syn) and 1 birds eye waffle (2.5 syns). A slice of brown toast from HEx B and wow that filled a hole! My OH has been taking pictures of our meals over last few days, I will post them on here and also on the special thread for meal piccies.

Have you had a good morning so far Hun? xx
AGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I can't get my pictures to upload ggggrrrrrr
Hi hun yeah have a look at my post today for my meals, i made the most delicious meals today....my chilli and rice where amazing lol but i could do with somebody checking it over for me to tell me what i have left for today or what i should not have had lol i suspect my 3 hobnobs but i cannot find anything else i like in the house to sin on lol...your brunch sounds yummy...i had a similar one myself but used quorn sausages as no sw approved near me...
hope your having a great sunday!!!! im sat in a pile of clothes literally typing this that i gotta fold and put away...help! :)
fingers crossed lol
Wish I could get my pictures to upload on here!!!

Popped into the pub to have a couple of games of darts with other half, had a diet coke and a pack of quavers (4.5 syns).
Dinner was a lush roast chicken meal, no skin of course boooooo! Frylight roasted potatoes, roast veg (parsnip, carrot, onion, sweet potato and courgette), french beans, 1 tablespoon stuffing (2 syns) 1 tablespoon (dry granules 3.5 syns) gravy. Yum, pudding was banana custard mullerlight yogurt with chopped banana. I'm loving this so far, next week will be a bit harder though as I'm back at work. Have written a rather large shopping list out ready for Tescos tomorrow and have our weeks dinner menu up on the fridge :)
Hopoe everyone had a fab Sunday, and here's to the start of the week.....xx
Back to work today after a week off (boooooooo!) but was quiet so not too bad.
Soooooo, started the morning with a cup of tea, took 28g raisin wheats (hex b) with me and had that with some semi skimmed milk (part of hex a) about 9.30am. Lunchbreak was at 11.30am to 12, when I had some Saturday left over cous cous, chicken and roast veg from last night. Niiiice. 2 satsumas for pud. Oh I wish I could figure out how to upload my pictures to here, because for dinner I have lean lamb steaks marinated in orange, rosemary and garlic with new potatoes, broccoli and carrots. Can't wait!!! Ok, everything free so far, apart from a Butterbuds packet I had sprinkled all over my veggies (0.5 syn). Am going to have an options hot choc later with a wee squirt of light squirty cream (2 + 1 syns). Only 3.5 syns.......what to do????
So, has everyone else had a good Monday? Feeling really positive so far......xx
Hi lasttime me dear, nice to see you love! Oh hun, EE is really working well for me so far (let's hope I still say that come Thursday weigh in lol!). There's just SO MUCH to eat! I keep getting recipes and menu ideas from the other threads, had a quick look through some of my cookery books and those loads of meals I can adapt, just not enough days in the week!!! Only problem I can see at the moment is ideas for lunchboxes, as I only get half hour to munch it can't be anything too much or that takes too much putting together, and think I may get bored with cous cous/pasta salads after a while.
What have you had today so far? xx

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