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Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Kelly Jelly Belly, 25 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Day 1 of Cambridge 13stone 4lbs, I am hoping to get to 10st by mid June.... Wish me luck! :wave_cry:
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  3. franbella21

    franbella21 minimims stalker

    good luck plenty of hot drinks and water will help :) im on week 8 lost 2 stone so far xxx
  4. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Kelly we have very similar start weights/targets and time limit. I'm on day 8 today and finding it pretty alright! Haha I just keep telling myself it will be worth it. I know it will. Found these forums a great support over the last week. Good luck!
  5. Thanks guys!

    Ok so day one done! I have learnt I am not a fan of the spicy Tomato soup It went down like a lead balloon!
    Im sure I will be on here ALOT for support are you guys exercising also? I was told maybe not to exercise for the first few weeks today? x
  6. Cambridgefan

    Cambridgefan Full Member

    Hi Kelly, I hated hated the spicy tomato but all the others are really nice, particularly the oriental chili and chicken and mushroom, IMO.

    Treat yourself to lovely sparkling water and the nicest coffees you can get your hands on!

    good luck ! Let us know how you get in at weigh in! X
  7. poko

    poko Full Member

    I also hated the spicy tomato but choked down 3 portions worth through the last week to get rid of them. I honestly think that was the biggest challenge of my week! Haha

    I told my consultant today that they were vile and she gave me a free oriental chilli. Which I've heard on here is very nice. The only other product that I was disappointed in was the chocolate orange shake but it was palatable!

    I'm going to start some gentle exercise this week. I think I have enough energy to do it!
  8. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey Kelly and welcome (at long last) :)
    We are the exact same starting weight and have the same goals (although I'd love to reach 9 stone eventually). I hope you've had a good first day today!

    Chicken and mushroom soup is yum yum but that's the only one I've tried. Don't forget to drink lots of water! I have been exercising but in used to doing so and I think if you have been doing it already then you can carry on, my consultant just said listen to my body x
  9. Hey All,

    Thanks for all your encouragement I was honestly quite worried when I tasted the Tomato Soup... I have 1 sachet left I think I will leave that till the last day of this week I wont be getting it again thats for sure haha! I did have the Fruits of the Forest Shake this morning which was nice. I dont tend to do a lot of exercise I go to a few classes now and again I think your right about listening to your body I might get through this first week then try a few classes see how I get on x :whacky068:
  10. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey - how are you finding day 2??

    Yes i definitely agree with you about the exercise, I attempted two exercise DVDs last night (they are only 25mins long), the first one was ok but then the second one I got 3mins in and I could barely lift up my weights so I listened to my body, stopped the DVD and jumped in the shower! Sometimes you just have to give in and say thats it, so your body will tell you, so just keep listening to it! :)

    Cant you swap the soup with your lady for something else? Dont eat something thats really horrible, especially for the price it costs and that its one of your three products a day, therefore you want something satisfying and that you enjoy (or at least done hate) :) x
  11. Hey,
    Day 2 done I am currently drinking the Choclate and Mint shake but with hot water (hot choclate) and its bloody lovely! I will do this one again! I did find i was very hungry about 3pm so I decided to go into town and go 'window shopping' for all the lovely clothes I can wear when Im slim... soon got over my hunger :) I can swap the problem is, I am going away tomorrow until Mon so its easier to eat that last one and not get it again. Im usually OK on a diet if i get through the first 2 weeks... so lets see how I get on... How are you both doing today? x
  12. Wow! 8 weeks 2 stone Thats Amazing!!! Well done you x
  13. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Things always come up when you dont want/need them to dont they!? just try and get through it as best you can, maybe following SS+ if you need to?
    Well done on the window shopping, i love that idea - not that i need any excuse to go shopping, i honestly have so much stuff that doesnt fit its depressing, i cant wait to get my weight down so i actually have clothes to wear again rather than sticking to the same few items all the time as thats all i can fit into.

    Im doing ok, day 11 for me, went to the gym early this morning and feel so much better for it! cant wait for my May challenge :) - i do love a challenge haha

    Hope you have a good day today!x
  14. Hey go you! Gym in the morning hardcore! I know what you mean about clothes that don't fit, my wardrobe is full of them there is only a few items I want to fit into though, so I'm just keeping them until I'm slim to do a full clear out of fat clothes and the slim clothes that are no good I'm one of those people who one day feels great in a dress the next day feels like 10 ton tess in the same dress haha so will definitely need a sort out when I'm slimmer. Today's ok so far I'm feeling a lot colder than usual like my hands will not warm up at all today x
  15. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Well thats a good sign (cold hands and feet) its a sign youre in ketosis! :) Im freezing all the time, Im constantly wrapped up in lots of layers and have the heating on lol - it will be worth it, I keep telling myself.

    I think thats a mental thing, the way you feel on different days in the same clothes, depending on how you feel about yourself that way.
    If my weight stays the same, but Ive eaten something not 100% I will automatically feel fat/frumpy/horrible but if Ive been good and weigh the same still I will feel so much better about myself. Its just something we seem to put ourselves through, its a bit rubbish isnt it.

    Hope youre still going strong! :) x
  16. Hey I am definitely in ketosis I did the strip this morning, I'm the past half hour Iv been experiencing chest pains in the middle of my chest almost like a traped wind kind of feeling that has me s little short of breath because of it kind of like a stitch is this normal? It's making me a little worried...
  17. Ok so today is day 5 I have been on ss. Since yesterday I have had a pain in the centre of my chest... (It might be heartburn but as I have never had heart burn I do not know what that feels like). It might also be trapped air.., has anyone else had this as a side effect? I have messaged my consultant just to check but she hasn't come back to me yet. Apart from that I just feel very cold especially hands and feet. I don't feel particularly hungry just''want' food when I smell it for example smelling fish and chips when you walk past a chippy ....stay focussed. My main worry is this pain I have in my chest as I have woke up and it's still there
  18. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Kelly,

    A couple of times I've felt kinda breathless with slight only lasts a few seconds through very periodically.

    I would maybe have your milk allowance as that can sometimes settle heartburn if it is that. Would definitely speak to your consultant. Or if you are still considered your GP. I hope it gets better soon!
  19. Hey yeah I am short of breath at the moment I'm 4 hrs away from my dr that's why I messaged my consultant (as it's in the centre of my chest it's made me concerned) I am also (excuse the grossness of this) burping short little burps now and again which I never do, which is why I think maybe it's trapped wind. But as this has continued on from yesterday it's made me a little worried I though I would of woke up and it would have gone x
  20. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey Kelly sorry I haven't been on since yesterday I've has a nightmare day today

    How are you feeling now? Has the pain gone?
    Have you tried peppermint tea? As that's meant to be really good for digestion and stomach etc to me it sounds like heartburn, but I can't say for sure. Did your consultant come back to you?

    What a crapy side effect :( hope it goes soon!x
  21. That's OK lovely, my consultant said she hasn't heard of it as a side effect ( Iv never had it before the diet) and not to let it go on too long before I consult a Dr, it's very slight today so tomorrow I will call the dr (just to check it out) I'm hoping it is heart burn my stomach is very gurgley although I'm drinking so much more water I'm not a big water drinker do I think my body is just shocked ATM) I do feel slimmer already fingers crossed it shows on the scales and dr says it's just heart burn I'm finding the diet really easy. Oh no what's up? X

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