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andi's food diary


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi have decided to start a food diary again to try and keep me on the straight and narrow any comments feel free to post them here xxx
Green day
monday 1st feb 2010

breakfast :56g cheerios=10syns
28g weetabix minis(hexb)
hexa 250g milk

break at 10: ryvita minis (hex b)

lunch : pasta bake topped with 28g cheese (hexa)
shape yoghurt , apple

break : apple and shape

dinner: sausage(quorn), beans, 200g rustic chips (2 syns)

syns : airwaves x 5= 0.5
tomato ketchup=2
cheerios =10
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
tuesday 2nd feb 2010 green day

breakfast: cheerios 28g
honey nut 56g(hexb x2)
250g milk (hexa)

break: banana and ww crisps (3.5 syns)

lunch: rustic chips (400g 4 syns)
tomato ketchup 2 syns
28g cheese (hexa)
shape yghurt

dinner: treat night



i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
wednesday 3rd feb green day

breakfast: 56g honey nut (hex bx2)
250ml milk(hexa)
28g cheerios(5 syns)

break: ww crisps 3.5 syns

lunch: beans
28g cheese(hexa)
melon and strawberries

dinner: savoury rice and quorn sausage x3
melon grapes and muller light

curly wuly= (6 syns)

syns used today: 14.5


Silver Member
Hi - I noticed your other thread about not losing any weight and thought I'd have a quick look at your diary..hope you don't mind!

First of all are you sure 200g of rustic chips are only 2 syns? I haven't checked my food directory as it's downstairs but that seems really low.
Also when you say 'honey nut', do you mean honey nut cornflakes? If so i doubt very much if you are allowed to use them as a hexb as they wont contain much fibre and would have way too much sugar in them.
Also on Tuesday you had your 2 hexbs plus some cheerios and didn't add any syns for them and then had a treat night! What did that entail? I expect that you went over your 15 syns that day.
Hope you don't mind me commenting like this and I hope it helps. I know that I'd like someone to point out things like that if they were reading my food diary!


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The only honey nut you can have as a hex b is shredded wheat honey nut or Tesco honey nut branflakes. McCain rustic oven chips are 100g raw weight for 1 syn - are you weighing them raw?

If you're going to have a treat night once a week, then you can't have your 15 syns every day as well. If I were you, I'd cut down on the daily syns and have more vegetables to fill you up. Eggs are free on all plans, high protein and quite filling, could you have these for breakfast instead of so much cereal? There's loads of syn-free food you could be having, I'd cut back on the snacky stuff and syns.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi in answere to both questions i am weighing out the chips raw and the only honey nut i use is the shredded wheat . I am really grateful fot the advice and dont mind anyone making comments on my diary , as i dont know no were i am going wrong . i need all the help i can get thanks for the comments i really appreicate it. xxx


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
wednesday 10th feb green day

56g of honey nut shredded wheat(hexbx2)

break: ww crisps =4 syns

lunch : fruit salad, melon grapes mango pineapple kwiwi and muller light

dinner: mccain rustic 400g 4 syns
beans 56g cheese (hex ax2)

synns:rustic chips =4
ww crisps=4
8.5 used today


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
thursday 11th feb 2010 green day

breakfast:4 toast using whilte nimble (hexbx2) egg

break melon and muller

lunch: savoury rice
cheese (56g 2 hexa)

dinner :quorn chicken curry 2.5 syns
melon &muller

syns: airwavess 0.5
chicken curry 2.5
2 liqurioce sweets 3 syns
2 srawberry and cream 5 syns
11 syns today
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
am supossed to be on ee today but have had an upsetting day with my cousins funeral being today and have eat loads . am due to back to class next tue night so will restart my diary maybe wed.


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
wednesday 17th feb 2010 green day

breakfast: 28g honey nut shredded wheat (hexb) muller, egg and 55g asda whomeal pitta 250g milk(hexa)

break: velvet crunch 4 syns

lunch: wot not in a pot noodle 2.5 syns
apple and muller

break :apple and muller

dinner pasta and sauce (chicken and mushroom) 250g milk( hexa)
jelly (0.5syn) muller

syns today:
jelly 0.5
wot not 2.5
airwaves 0.5
velvet crunch 4.
7.5 syns:p

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