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  1. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi all :)

    so I'm about to start at 5pm on my dd, I have lots at the ready (within 500 cals) to choose from for when I do feel peckish, cup a soup, Melba toast, ww bread, ww soups, Phylidelphia, salads etc so I'm more than ready. :)
    Hope everyone else is having a good day, will post my dd diary as I go along:)
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  3. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi all, first dd done with, this is my diary :))

    1 small apple. - 35 cals
    Cuppa soup - 61 cals
    Ww squash drink 330ml - 7 cals
    Skim Milk for 2 coffees - 33 cals
    Belvita biscuits ( 4pack) - 224 cals
    Asda still flavour water 1L. -12 cals
    Slim fast choc bar. - 95 cals
    Asda sparkling flavour water 1L - 20 cals

    TOTAL 487 cals
    Does that look about right? All in all it was a good Day, better than I expected. :)
  4. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

  5. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Thanx ladybird :) omg I can't believe how I'm still not hungry however I forced myself to have a late tea of Spag Bol garlic bread & salad , might even hav a cheeky glass of wine too lol. I'm trying to eat sensibly on other days cause in my head I'm only cal counting on my dd lol :) how you getting on with it all? :)
  6. DeeOne

    DeeOne Full Member

    Hey trendy :) welcome to the Juddd club, Great start!! Its great you found your DD easy. I feel you on that glass of wine on your UD. I try to do a healthy eating 80/20% you can guess that 20% usually has wine or chocolate's name on it lol... do you have a lot to lose?
  7. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi DeeOne :)
    Thanx, Well I ended up having 2 glasses (it was great to not feel guilty lol) Im On a dd since 5pm again & ate stuck to eating sensibly today. I have about a stone to loose, done sw & maintained my weight well but went to South Africa last summer, gained about half a stone & since then it's been downhill. My mind is finally in tune with my need to loose this weight & to fit back into a size 12. I've planned all my snacks for tomoz omg im so organised its scary ! How you doing & finding it all ? :)
  8. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi all dd diary for yesterday :)

    Asda sparkling water 1L. 20
    Cadburys highlights. 40
    Milk 100 mls. 45
    Weetabix Oaty bar. 80
    Diet coke 330ml x 2. 2
    Baked onion rings crisps. 65
    2x slices warburton 400g loaf. 116
    Beetroot 50g. 18
    2x slices peppered beef. 32
    10g ww spread. 12
    Ww Greek style yoghurt. 49

    TOTAL. 479

    Had nite out & I over indulged abit on just about everything last nite ( after i promised myself i would'nt lol) so I'm planning to be good & eat ww foods all weekend. Have a lovely weekend gals :)
  9. DeeOne

    DeeOne Full Member

    Planning is great, less stressful. I'm doing ok thanks been @ this over 6 months so feel like an veteran. When i first started I was doing lower carb & losing on average 10lbs a month. Now I've added back the carbs its dropped to about half stone a month, I'm happy with that & hopefully still on track to be in onderland (< 14st) by my birthday in august.

    We all have those up up & away days lol a couple of good DDs will sort that out. :)
  10. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Omw DeeOne that is amazing, what great losses!! :) I'm watching what I'm eating this weekend but woke very hungry this morn (hardly ate yesterday cause of fri nite antics lol ) eventually I gave in & had a fry up with 4 slices of ww bread, just really craved it soooo bad :-( So that's it, my tummy feels satisfied again, roll on 5 pm to start my dd. I'm so staying off carbs this week. I cope really fine on my dd not hungry at all but it's clear that my ud is going to be a problem lol but I'll stay positive to drop at least 2lb this week :) well done you!! :)
  11. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi all :) diary of DD since yest 5pm

    Milk for cuppa. - 45
    WW rich toffee bar. - 83
    Juicy raisins (14g mini box) - 41
    WW Tom & Italian squares - 69
    Cadbury Highlights. - 40
    Small tin tuna 80g. - 59
    2 X Warburton bread (400g)- 116
    2 X pickled onion - 8
    Tsp mayo light 15g. - 42
    TOTAL. 503

    Unlike easy DD I've been really hungry today, not sure why??? Feel like i can just eat alot & craving choc big time!! Aaarrggghhh!! i feel bloated so I'm thinking TOTM maybe. Still not weight myself so will do on thurs :)
  12. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi there, weigh in this am & lost 2lb :). I'm happy with that, so in total of 3 weeks I'm 8 lb down ( did 2 weeks of 8/16hr fast before this 1st week on JUDDD). I'm loving it & in no great rush, just want to drop it at a nice & steady pace :)

    DD Diary today till 5pm :)

    100g milk semi skimmed. 45
    aSda GFY veg cuppa soup. 59
    2x allinsons sunflower & pumpkin bread. 260
    Small apple. 35
    Muller light yoghurt cherry 125g. 83
    30g dried apricots. 67

    TOTAL. 549

    I'm all ate up cals wise, tummy shut till 5. Gone abit over but that comes from not planning my snacks argghh!! .... Live & learn :)
  13. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Well done on the loss! 8lbs in 3 weeks sounds awesome to me, I haven't been JUDDDing for even a week yet, but this is inspiring! Are you doing 5 til 5? How many DD's do you have a week?
  14. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi lottie, Thanx:) I use to do 8/16hrs fast ( eat for 8hrs & completely fast for 16hrs) twice a week for about 2 wks first but switched to JUDDD in last week cause I work nights and its easier to have 500 cals to snack on during the night. I'm same like most ppl on here, my dd start at 5pm sun tues & thurs and off plan on weekends. I've been trying my best to eat sensibly on weekends but it can be hard sometimes but I just start again next day lol :) try it it's really good if you get your mind right :)
  15. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Hi all :)
    How's everyone else? So far so good over here. Going to London for the week, It's going to be challenging but will try my best to stick to the plan, if i can't i'll skip and start afresh next week Was just getting use to it all .... Aarrrgggghhhh :-(

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