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Ange2009 Weight Loss Diary, going down!!!!

I think this is what I am supposed to do:eek:
not sure!

I started WW on the 10th of Feb
weigh in tomorrow morning
would love love love to have lost that 2lb to get me to one stone gone;)

I walked 4 miles this morning, no fun pushing a double buggy!!!
I had a banana & 3 rice cakes for breakfast and coffee with skimmed milk
lunch is 1 slice brown bread, cheese and coleslaw and 2 apples
dinner is Hake, stir fry and rice

going out tomorrow night with my sister for dinner in an Italian, so any tips on what I should avoid?

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hello hunni :)

how has your WI gone? pushing a double buggy sounds hard lol i fine it difficult pushing my boy up hills lol

in regards to the italian do you have a WW eating out guide? if not this website is really good for pointing foods like this and things like maccy d's and burger king so il try and give you the link to have a look at.

My Long and Bumpy Journey | A new me in 2007

hope you enjoy your italian - i would say a tomato based pasta dish is a good choice but see what this site says hun.

suz x
thanks for that link;)

well I lost 2lb this week, yipeee:D
1 stone gone:D:D:D
just walked for over an hour today
thats brilliant :) enjoy your meal x
well I walked a lot yesterday
was very good in the italian
but had a few G&T after!
last night had chinese, prawn chow mein and 2 glasses of wine
just going for a long walk now!
feel very good in myself and a size 16 pari of trusers from Topshop nearly nearly fit me!!:D
well done! always inspiring when you're so close to going down a size clothes.. i've always wanted to fit into topshop clothes.. was under the impression they only did to 14 though, so havent looked in very often.. will do now i know they do 16s! :D

good for you for the walking too :) xxx
thanks girls:D
had a great weekend, lots of walking and swimming
but did eat a few prawn crackers last night, went out for a family chinese meal, it was yum, so out for a long walk this morning!!!
Hi Ange, just found your diary.

Fantastic so far on your 1st down and all the walking etc that you are doing.

A few prawn crackers wont stand a chance against all those miles clocked up. x
thanks everyone!
I was okay yesterday, not feeling great and so had a bit more than my points:eek:
but today, I am back on track and walked 4 miles with the girls in the buggy!
I have a doc appointment in the morning and then hope to get to WW on time!!!
goodluck for tomorrow hun :)

suz x


Still fighting
Hi Ange

Just found your diary - and popped on to say "Hi" and welcome!

Your doing great especially with the walking pushing double buggy ;oO
still going, have had no internet!!!
lost another 2lb, so 16lb gone forever!
hopefully will post tomorrow!


Needs a kick
Congrats on your weight loss, hope your having a good day :O)
I haven't been on for quite a while, I have been quite sick and in hospital, so WW has had to take a back seat for a while, but I haven't put any weight on, so hoping to get to WW class tomorrow and weigh in and continue my weight loss journey!
just back from holidays:family2: and I didn't gain anything!!!!!!!!!:D
didn't point, but i was aware of what I was eating, did lots and lots of swimming and snokerling, so back to class tonight, 10 weeks to my brother's wedding, so would love love to have lost 21lb by then, know if I really focus I can do it :sigh:and I bought an outfit in Monsoon, but I don't really like it and I am hoping it will be TOO big by then, so I will have to buy something new:D:D:D

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