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Ange82much - Maintenance Diary

S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
Look, i'm slightly premature here, because technically I still have one-point-something kg to go (about 3lbs), (maybe a couple of weeks work??), but i'm starting to think about what happens when I get to my target.

I'm sort of scared that I don't know what i'm doing and that if I don't keep getting endorphin blasts from seeing the scales drop, that i'll lose interest, get hungry, pig out, return to square one. Or worse than square one. So this is the point of this diary, to try and keep myself accountable for what's ahead, and to document if it's easy or hard and what I might learn. I've seen it said that maintenance is yoyo-ing on a tight string. I like that. At the same time it sounds really tough because you have to motivate yourself to plug back in to the discipline really regularly. We'll see.

The story so far is that I've been a much bigger yoyo dieter. I'll apologise up front but I do metric (I can do lbs, but stones and lbs are a leap too far!). Typically my high to low cycle is about a year probably, then my low to high cycle might be about 3 years, so every 4 years ish i'm round and round again on the weight front. As a result I have size 8, 10, 12, 14 clothes in the wardrobe! (Just now dipping back in to the 10's - one of which is a black pencil skirt which I know I bought back in UK before I moved to Australia and that was 23 years ago, but it's like I just got some new clothes! I've got it eyed up for an interstate work trip next week!)

This year has been the fastest drop ever and I've lost 15kg since January, taking me from size 14 to size 10 (72kg to 57kg - i'm 161cm). I've been counting calories (target of less than 1000, but actually averaging about 880) and to make sure i'm not hungry I've been strict with no sweet stuff, no white carbs, and no splurges/days off, and making sure I have plenty of protein, good fats, and heaps of veggies. I even mastered the art of the zero calorie party (eat beforehand, drink soda water), which sounds very dull but it wasn't hard once i'd set the rules! Anyway the whole thing has worked really well this year, but for the first time this week i'm starting to think about the end of the 'diet', and for the first time i'm starting to get a few pangs for 'naughty stuff' - so I need a new focus or a plan or something.

So back to the situation, and i'm not sure what's going to suit me best. Would I just ease off a bit? Would I stick to what i'm doing during the week and go back to eating heaps more at weekends? Would I set an acceptable weight range and do the yoyo thing by increasing/decreasing all the time? Dunno.
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S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
I weighed in at 57.2kg again this morning for the third time in a row, and am slightly disappointed that it's not dropped a bit. I don't think i'm cut out for this maintenance thingl!

Calories have been on track, but I have felt peckish the last few days and have eaten a small snack each day whereas previously I only had about 10 snacks in total in the last 4 months and was happy enough just to stick to mealtimes. Not sure why this is really, although today's reason is that hubby (P) has started a diet/healthy eating regime today, which you think would help me and be a good thing, but in actual fact here I am at 6pm waiting for him to come home from work so that we can eat together, when left to my own devices i'd've eaten an hour ago (and not bothered with the snack). So this is something I get slightly grumpy about, i.e. when I can't eat when I want - especially if it means being hungry in the day, then eating most of my calories at night, and as a consequence only being awake a few hours to enjoy being full. I know that sort of schedule suits a lot of people, but I like to eat early in the day and be feeling a bit hungry again by bedtime. Anyway, my little stint a few months ago looking at the Beck Diet Solution (psychological approach to dieting) taught me that it's not an emergency if i'm hungry, and it's really not a big drama, so stop being dramatic (actually it's a lot more scientific and sensitive and sensible than that, but you get the gist).
S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
whoosh this morning! 56.7kg. This means i'm now in the same kg as my target. Feeling super happy and motivated and all those things that a whoosh brings, which I suppose brings me back to the long-term point of this thread - how will I be when I don't have those changes and i'm not given a mood-blast by the scales? The obvious answer to that is start on another project - eg exercise, and get my highs from some sort of progressive new pb's. My head says is a good idea and lets get started, but my heart's not really quite on board yet. Basically i'm feeling lazy, the days are getting colder/shorter here and i'm more tempted to crank up a knitting project and investigate thermal underwear options than hit the gym.
S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
So the diet has been completely on plan and I've been back from holiday for a week and lived a week of 'normal'.

Unfortunately the scales aren't really paying attention to the program and have stayed the same, or to be more precise, they've gone up 0.3 to 57kg this morning, which is what I was at 6 days ago. I've had a quiet word with them and i'm hoping they'll sort out their attitude by tomorrow.

It's not too much to ask - just 1 more kg - is it?! Aside from that I know it doesn't matter - i'll stick to plan, i'll lose at some point and i'm feeling good at the size i'm at regarding how the clothes are fitting and those occasional unexpected reflections in street windows. It's just that I want to get to my target!

P has proposed a walk to one of the further away pubs tonight. He's on a diet and 10,000 steps plan so is keen to get in a bit of walking. So walking to the pub is the solution obviously. The nearest one is 200m, so that doesn't really tick the box. Then apparently there are 13 more within 5 minutes walk of where we live, so they're not very helpful either. Anyway sounds like a plan to me, and the question is, do I manage my calories to include a glass of wine, or just go for the soda water.....
S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
The good news is that we went to a further away pub than the proposed pub, and I was thirsty by the time I got there. Could've been a recipe for disaster, but in my case meant that although my calorie totals yesterday meant I could have had a wine, a pint of soda water sounded much more appealing! Temptation removed.
Weekend. Hurray!!! And I probably should be cooking up batches of stuff for next week, but not really in the mood for that at the moment. No major social events to negotiate this weekend either for a change, so looking forward to a bit of relaxing with no mental plans on negotiating copious alcohol/food events to worry about.
S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
Had a big week (work wise) and was on lock-down due to being cross-examined in court about a patent of ours that I was involved with doing the research work on, that is now being contested by our competitors. Had about a million pages of evidence to absorb, and the cross-examination all concerned events from 2001-2004, so we're going back a bit! Anyway it went well, apparently. More important it's DONE! And i'm back home again which means the scales are within reach and I can better control what I eat than living in a hotel!

I'm still a tantalising 0.4kg from target (1lb), at 56.4kg, so the plan is still to just steam along as normal until I get to the magic 55.x kg - this kg seems to be taking ages to lose though.
S: 72kg C: 54kg G: 54kg BMI: 20.3 Loss: 18kg(25.02%)
Thought i'd update again :)

Since hitting goal about a month ago, and because I was still in the groove, I decided that I wanted some wiggle room to maintain within, and set another goal of 54kg, which I got to about 2 weeks ago. So i'm totally happy with 54 and don't really want to go back to 56 for a while at least and so my challenge now is to stay here instead! Loving being here lots! I fit in to my last clothing item last week which was a pair of jeans saved at the back of the wardrobe for 10 years. They fit! But not exactly the height of fashion... I've bought a few new clothes too and I'm feeling great, and I don't want to lose more, on the other hand i'd rather lose than gain at the moment whilst I'm figuring out how to stay here.

I tried increasing my overall calories 10% last week, so from a daily average of about 860 to around 950, but decided to average it over a week so that most of the time I was dieting as before really, but a couple of times a week I had a few glasses of wine and a bit more food than normal. That worked for maintaining alright although not a long enough timescale to really tell.

Ideally I want to be able to eat more than I have been, but hoping to bump it up gradually. (Or really I should be exercising more, so just trying to get my head around what that's going to look like too). At the moment though i'm working overseas so I can't really measure anything this week and have to choose food off a menu, so i've decided to do a bit of an IF approach where possible, and skip dinners. So i'm not really going to know how that's working either until I get home.

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