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  1. Dancing

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    The past few weeks I've found myself responding quite visciously in situations where people have been rude to me or careless. Twice at work and once today with a guy that backed his car into me as I was crossing the road (he was moving forward when I started crossing then he reversed without checking his mirrors).

    All the situations would have warranted me feeling they had been out of order and rationally expressing that but each time I just kind of exploded with anger and didn't hold back what I wanted to say.

    I have always had some suppressed anger in me but it would only come out if I was feeling down and had drunk too much.

    At all other times I'm as calm as can be.

    Do you think it is something to do with not eating and so I don't have the usual mechanism of dampening my emotions?

    It is really concerning me and I am embarrased by my behaviour and I end up having to apologise to those around me at the time of my outburst.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience (or is it just me needing some anger management??). There is nothing else going on that would make sense of why I'm behaving like this.
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    It is the same with anyone who's drug of choice is removed.

    It takes time to adjust to the real world without it.

    High carb foods act like a sedation I think, I know I am more docile on them than off:rolleyes:

    At the same time if you feel you need some anger management then go for it, as you will learn techniques how to cope in stressful situations.

    I know I am an emotional eater and have shoved down with food a lot of pain and hurt...and since I started my diet a lot of stuff has surfaced to the top and I have had to face up to a lot of buried emotions and have dealt with a lot of things on my diet journey and I am still continuing to do so.

    I think you will find most people are discovering themselves as you not only change on the outside but inside as well.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    im finding that im a lot more assertive whilst im on this diet, but i was thinking it was because i was so in control of this area of my life and this control and organisation was passing into other areas of my life. maybe i need to re-think this though!
  5. chicken on a mission

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    I found I was more assertive too and more confident.

    Weirdly enough though I found that my moods swings that I had been experiencing pre LL re time of the month actually stopped.

    Not only that the period pains stopped too. I can only put this down to the packs having a balance of nutrients that my diet was lacking. :)
  6. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    wish i could say the same chicken, im still in agony every month. where would we be without nurofen and hot water bottles??!!??
  7. Toots

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    I am an absolute nightmare!!! I'm snappy and when I'm in the middle of a rant I look very controlled (but obviously fuming) Strange thing is though I also take everything to heart and in private have a little cry and fret about what's happened??!! I do blow things out of all proportion at the best of times but put me on a VLCD and it's like bonfire night :sigh:

  8. Dancing

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    Hey everyone - thanks for the responses.

    Toots, your's gives me hope that it is something I will overcome and it is because I can't dampen down my emotions with food. Hopefully as I work through everything over the next few weeks, I will gain control over my outbursts.

    Mini, you're right - my drug of choice has been removed. That takes some absorbing.

  9. Cerulean

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    I became a right feisty thing - partly abstinence frustration temper, partly a new found ability to call things as I found them because I felt more valued and visible. So - no - not unusual - I am getting better at the anger management now that food is back!
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