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Ankle pain with weightloss


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Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing...i damaged my achilles tendon about 10 years ago and caused some considerable damage to my foot. It healed quite nicely with courses of physio and i didn't have a problem with it again up until now.

Over the past couple of weeks ive started to get some considerable pain again in my ankle, it has swollen again and aches a lot. I haven't been doing any excessive exercise (mainly the wii). Has anyone else experienced this? and could it be down to my weightloss? :)
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I never needed to loose much weight, but I only experience some pain when I run a lot (like one hour a day for several days in a row) or when I walk in heels some considerable distances.
Have you been using heels more frequently? or Are you loosing weight too fast?
I had an op about 5 yrs ago on the top of my left thigh....I notice that whenever I lose weight or put weight on, my left thigh swells up! Doesn't matter if I've been exercising or not, it just swells up till it gets used to my new weight and then settles down again until I either lose more (which I am at the moment with Go Lower) or if I put weight on (which I did before Go Lower!).

Maybe it's the same with your ankle...the more you lose, the more it hurts?!

Hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your weight loss. You are doing really well.

i find when i'm run down i get aches in certain places all the time i.e. lower back. when i try and lose weight i always seem to get a cold straight away and get this back pain too so i say its maybe something similar to you although i don't know what its from. i thought it was maybe not getting enough nutrients in the decreased food i was eating but not sure how this would associate with pain?

i would try not to aggravate it though so if you feel pain, i'd try and rest it:)


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks for the replies, i really appreciate it!

Aline - ive been doing WW since August and lost 37lbs, i think thats quite steady loss. Im not really heels person, my balance is bad at the best of times :D

Happy - How strange that you get that swelling?! It sounds quite similar to my foot! A few weeks ago when i had quite a dramatic loss my ankle swelled up and cause me hell - the next day it was fine again!! How weird, do they know what causes yours?

Breadbin - i thought the exact same thing the other day, so i decided to book Friday off and give myself a long weekend! :D My other half seems to think im depriving myself of food all of the time...i have to constantly remind him that it is a diet and just cause he's gorging himself on chocolate doesnt mean i can! :)
Crazybecky5, to be truthful with you, don't even bother going back to the dr's any more about my swelling - it's just something I now live with. I had to have plastic surgery and they took the skin graff from my groin area and top of my left thigh and that is exactly where I have the swelling - so who knows. I'm just pleased that is the only problem I'm left with and as the swelling does go down, given up caring now!!

Good luck with your ankle and the rest of your weight loss.


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