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*Anna's Final Mission - 8st to go!*

Hi! To help me on my Slimming World journey, I have decided to do a food diary online as well as any thoughts on Slimming World.

Started Slimming World on 23.09.10

I'm 19, and live at home with my parents and my other half.
Living with my Mum and doing Slimming World has been a challenge, but recently it has been getting better.

I have tried losing weight on my own, but when I reached a massive 22stone I realised I needed help, and from many recommendations from work colleagues, Slimming World it was, so far I absolutely LOVE it!

I am my sisters one and only bridesmaid in 2012, and it will probably be my only chance to be one, I have definetly got to go for it!!

Also, hoping to go abroad for the first time ever this year, to Paris!!!! and then in 2012 to America with my partners family!!

Also in 2012 I will be turning 21 and definetly want to look stunning for that!

I will update every evening, even if it's just on my minimins app for my iphone!

Anyway here's to a slimmer me & you!
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2x wholemeal bread (HEB)
Tomato Ketchup 1level tbsp - 1syn
2x celementines
Coffee - 1/2 syn for dash

Tuna pasta salad
Cup of Tea 1/2 syn dash

Slimming world chips
Chicken made with BBQ Schwartz Perfect Shake
Cheese 20g (HEA)
Salad cream 1level tbsp; 1syn
Barbecue sauce 1level tbsp; 1syn


Total; 4syns - much less than normal because of my horrific day yesterday!
Jane R said:
Well done for the weight you have lost so far anna vixen:) Hope you have a good week. X
Thankyou! X
Had a better day, although that time of the month started today, so not feeling fab, and have thought about food ALL day! so have eaten a fair bit, but have kept syns low (making up for my bad day the other day)

Spaghetti hoops
2x ww wholemeal bread (HEB)
1 level tbsp branston fruity sauce x1syn
Coffee 1/2 syn for dash x1/2syn

Noodles with onion and soy sauce
2x scanbran x2syn
2x extra light laughing cow triangle (part of HEA)

Afternoon snack
Toffee Mullerlight
Cup of tea 1/2syn dash of milk x1/2syn

Syn free sausages
Mashed potato
Baked beans
3x extra light laughing cow triangles (HEA)
2x level tbsp ketchup x2syns

Total Syns; 6syns
A little inspirational quote to remember!

"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!"
Day 2 of 100% HOORAY!!

Toast (HEB)
Coffee 1/2 syn for dash of milk 1/2syn
1bsp of ketchup 1syn

2x mingles 2syns?
1 mini fudge 1syn?

Jacked potato
Baked beans
Cheese (HEA)

5 fruit pastilles 2.5 syns

Spag Bol
made with; plum tomatoes, onion, pinch of garlic, carrot, bacon
2x tbsp ketchup 2syns

Total syns; 9syns
toast (ww 400g wholemeal) (HEB)
spread 2syns
muller light toffee yoghurt

spaghetti hoops
sauteed potato
had 4 sneaky oven chips off my boyfriend 2syns
x2 tbsp ketchup 2syns

Afternoon snack

white fish
slimming world chips
x1tbsp ketchup 1syn

HEA for today is milk in my coffee/tea

Totals syns = 7
I have had a revalation!!
Well, actually I haven't. On Sunday, I decided I was going to make myself a treat box - LOVE IT!! Only had 1 treat out of it so far - amazing!
Also, I planned roughly all of my meals for the upcoming week - why have I never done this before!?!?!

After reading some of the posts on here I decided it was the best thing to do. Since I ove collecting stationery I picked a notebook and wrote down the days of the week. I then asked my mom (since I live with my parents and mom does most of the cooking - recently had plenty of arguements about slimming world) what she had in this week - meat/fish wise that we can make meals out of.

She told me we had sausages (I have syn free ones from a nearby butcher) mince to split in half, chicken, a joint of pork, and fish.
I asked her what she would like to have this week and suggested that we do a weekly plan, so that we both know what we are doing - this has been the best plan EVER!
Me and my mom have stopped arguing as she knows what I would like and its not any hassle as I am having the same as everyone else just ow syn/syn free options.

I typed up the weekly menu and we have stuck it up in the kitchen and it's great!

The menu up in the kitchen is just for dinner, so going back to my notebook, I write in my breakfast, lunch and dinner in there, with plenty of syns left for treats.

I have found my syns are much easier to keep lower and have enjoyed looking at my meal plan.

If there are any extras I want during the week i.e; more chicken I'll go out and buy that myself or ingredients for syn free curry will be my responsibility to go out and buy that.

Im hoping for a good weight loss this week!

I hope the planning has paid off! and things with my mom are better, not fabulous, but better :)

Since I am on a bit of a posting role here I thought I might as well put on here my exercise as I keep forgetting to put it on my daily food diary.

I weigh in on a Thursday, so since Thursday I have been working on my Silver body magic - thats 6 x 15min or 3 x 30min sessions per week maintained for 4 weeks.

Here is my exercise so far;

Friday; 15mins YourShape - Kinect
Saturday; Walk with my nephew and sister 20mins
Sunday; 30mins YourShape - Kinect
Monday; -
Tuesday; I will probably go on Kinect again, I would love to go for a walk but it's FREEZING!! I'll definetly go for a walk tomorrow as I need some fruit - Asda it is!!
I only need 2 more 15min sessions for this week and I'm done!
Just did 15minutes on Kinect. I did the bollywood full workout (the last one) and then did 2 goes on the virtual box smash. Hooray! Sweating a bit!

I slept for about 2hours this afternoon! Unheard of! I got back from work at lunchtime, saw the other half for a bit then he had to go to work, and I was sat reading my slimming world book and fell asleep for about 2hours. My time of the month is really taking a toll on me!
2x weetabix (HEB)
250ml semi-skimmed milk (HEA)
Coffee - dash of milk 0.5syns


homeade burgers 3x tbsp bbq sauce - 3syns
salad 1x tbsp light salad cread - 1syn

Fajita chicken salad from the most recent slimming world mag - but not having the express rice, I'll be having free rice.

4.5 syns - will probably have something else in a bit! x
Had uncle bens express rice with mine at 2,5 syns.

Total for today = 7


Hi, so i got weighed in today, and had a loss of -10lb! woohoo!!
All ive done is stick to plan 100% its truly amazing!!

I purchased the new food directory and the new small branded free foods book. So motivated now!! I just don't want all that to come back on next week so really going to try!

muller light vanilla
coffee - dash of milk 1/2 syn

1 rose chocolate 1syn

toasted tuna and cheese sandwich (hea) and (heb)
salad cream 1syn

new potatoes
stuffing - 3syns
gravy - 3syns
roast potatoes - 8syns

syns total;17.5 syns

normally i have a take-out after weigh-in, so not too bad today, back on it 100% tomorrow!

20mins body magic - silver
Also I forgot to add that I got slimmer of the week, and my 1 and a half stone sticker yay! :) feeling super motivated.

Hi! Had some brilliant news today - i've been offered more hours where I work yay!
I had a meeting this morning but ended up working the afternoon, which i normally dont do, so had no food with me, had to grab something from marks&spencer though.

bacon sandwich (heb)
coffee (hea)
ketchup 1syn


marks & spencer; tomato and basil pasta (count on us) 5.5 syns
Doughnut 7 syns
cheese tasters 7.5 syns


slimming world chicken tikka masala (free!)

total syns; 21syns

Even though i've gone over on my syns today, I'll only have 5 for the next two days so it balances itself out.
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So, I made the chicken tikka masala, I got the recipe off the slimming world website.

It was SUPER creamy, I made it exactly to the recipe, but it was a bit TOO creamy for me. I think I'm more of a balti or jalfrezi girl. :)
I think I'll purchase the curry recipe book from group on Thursday.

It seems SO long away til next weigh in, tomorrow onwards 100% without a doubt, and I'll be dropping my syn allowance, because of going over.

I'm so pleased with this week, I haven't argued with my mom all week and its just really good!

I've eaten plenty of food and in no way have I starved!! This plan is just amazing! I might ask the boyfriend if he wants to go to the gym tomorrow and then I could go to a class! I miss going.

I used to go with my sister but she broke her arm and then she got pregnant, and now my nephew is 7months old and she's back to work full time so she wants to spend her evening with her baby, which is completely understandable, considering how cute he is!
So may ask my other half if he wouldn't mind going to the gym. He's out at the moment - lads night out, so an early night for me I think. I'm shattered!

Brilliant news though, me and my other half will definetly be going to Paris this year! Hooray hooray! :) What a fabulous week! xx
Well done hun, read all of it :D ;) and it's motivated me to move my butt so will go jogging with my son in the morning!

1st weigh in is on tuesday for me so let's see what happens, generally though, i'm a slow loser :( and i'm terrified of eating as much as they keep telling me to eat!

Ah well, lets see what tuesday brings :eek: :cross:

Keep at it girl, you're doing well.

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