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  1. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    So I'm finally here. Its so hard to believe ive come this far i keep on having to remind myself how far i've come. I guess i thought about changing it for so long that now its here im still in shock that i actually done it.

    So after my major wobble yesterday and feeling completely out of my mind i can say i'm definitely back on track; have had one or two moments of wanting to eat for the sake of it but i've not given in yet unless you count the apple after lunch haha!

    So I'm gonna set up a plan for the week ahead tonight and really try stick to the 3 meals. The snacks i'm not gonna plan out right as i know ill have cravings for other things and will have to change them accordingly.

    Had another hard day in work, its mad i was only in 3 days this week but i feel like ive worked for 2 weeks straight i hate dealing with people who think they are always right. Ah well Im off til Monday so that should be enough time to get all happy and prepared for what looks like a hard month in work, (no overtime on the go so i have to finish all my work by deadlines with no extra time + a new project which they expect me to get done on top of everything else). Ah well least ill be busy.

    So anyway onto todays food.

    Day 16 (First day of Maintenance)

    Breakfast ~ Maintenance Bar (204cals)

    Snack ~ Banana (100cals)

    Lunch ~ 5 cherry tomatoes (11cals), Crunchy Salad with cucumber, gherkin (28cals), 200g of prawns in low fat thousand island dressing (265cals)

    * muller low fat yogurt (86cals)
    *apple (66cals)

    Dinner ~ WW Beef & Black Bean Meal (290cals) with 2 quorn spring rolls (82) Had this coz my Brother and his new fiance ( they got engaged in New York) just got back and my whole family were having a chinese so to be social I had this and It was lovely, thought me about portions aswell which is good for me)

    *can of 7up free (4cals)

    Desert Rachel's Rhubarb yogurt (41.5cals) and sugar free jelly (8.5cals)

    * 2 litres of water so far gonna try get up to 3
    * 4 cups of decaf tea

    Ok so this comes to 1182 cals.

    So Shud i try stay below 1200 today or go to 1300 if I get hungry???

    * had a bowl of sugar free jelly and natural yogurt(37)
    * 4 sugar free jellies (40) thought id try them. didnt eat the whole bag even thou the whole bag is 7 jellies haha!


    *1 hour walk with my puppy, took 20 mins less than yesterday and it was the same distance very tired after it.

    Think i mite leave the situps/pushups etc today as i am going the gym for the next few days so i shud have one day break from the muscle stuff.
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  3. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Heeeeeeeeeey!! Glad you are feeling much better today - we all have wobbles - heck i have them so often i feel like im constantly wobbling! :banana dancer: lol

    I think your calories are ok - Ask jan for the website about how many calories you should have etc but i think if you are eating the right foods and eating enough and you are not feeling hungry then all looks good :)

    Oh, and welcome aboard the maintainence train :giggle:
  4. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Thanks hun so glad im here! Yeah ive looked at that website before but it says 1850cals and that's just too much for me at the moment i think ill redo it and see what it says about me losing maybe 9-11lbs prob be lower then. My sparkpeople page says max is 1550 i think so mite stick to that 1200-1550 for a while.

    Haha! your not constantly wobbling if i can be as good as you ill be dead happy.
  5. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hi Anne-Marie and welcome! :):)

    My advice would be don't be hungry. Once you can tell the difference between true hunger and cravings - if you're hungry your metabolism will slow down to compensate. Even if it means you have a few more calories one day than you ideally would like to have I, personally think it's important not to be hungry.

    Also - I understand why you're counting calories and I know people do - it's just that I get uncomfortable when I see them being counted so precisely. Personally I believe this can lead to obsessiveness. If they can be counted initially to become aware of portion sizes and then dropped then fine.

    Obviously you must do what works best for you, ignore me, that's okay but I had to share my concerns, hope you don't mind.

    Don't get me wrong, I use calories myself, they're a very useful tool, as long as they don't take over!

    I'll shut up with my opinions now ;)

    You're soooo right about the support on here. I most certainly wouldn't have got through my LT journey and come this far on maintenance so (relatively) successfully without it!! xx

  6. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I totally agree about the calorie counting im really only using them to get a bit of control i dont plan on using them forever just til i realise portions coz at the moment im so lost. Even a salad portion confuses me. haha! I really need to get one of them portion plates to help me or something maybe it will come to me naturally after a while but for the first few weeks think ill stick with calorie counting. Least my weighing scales was worth the money. haha! I have a few big meals coming up so i know im gonna have to compensate for them so guess thats another reason im counting.

    I am a bit hungry now thou but im gonna try just have water i had some jelly and natural yogurt wen i got back from my walk. Think the long walk made me hungry!

    And i like your opinions so never feel like you shudnt share them. xxxx

    Thanks again!
  7. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Ok, Here's my menu for the next week. Think i've decided to just eat when i'm hungry and see how that goes if I continue to gain ill go down the counting calorie route. I want to look forward to my dinner and counting the calorie's made everything kinda stressful. Im still gonna count but not as closely ill still be reading the Nutritional info on everything haha!

    [FONT=&quot]Friday 04/12/09[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Day 17[/FONT]

    Breakfast ~ Maintenance Bar
    1 slice of wholegrain bread with cheese triangle (Hungry this morning slept til after 11, wrecked I was)
    * Mandarin
    * small bag of fat free jellies
    * Cup of tea with skimmed 0% Fat Milk (attempting to reintroduce milk and hoping ill like it this time around)

    Lunch ~
    Tesco Healthy Choices Veg
    Soup, apple. Can of 7up free. Muller Yogurt.

    ~ Fish Fillet baked with Dill
    & pepper, lemon juice, dried oregano
    and sprinkle of cumin seeds steamed.

    4 ozs of wholegrain pasta served with
    tomato and peppers made into sauce.

    Saturday 05/12/09 Day 18

    30g museli in natural yogurt

    Lunch ~
    Quorn Chicken marinated in spices on wholegrain wrap served with salsa and mixed

    Dinner ~
    Spicy Salmon- Fillet of Salmon marinated with cajun seasoning served with broccoli, green peas,brussels sprouts and carrots with 4 baby potatoes.

    Sunday 06/12/09 Day 19

    Breakfast ~
    Maintenance Bar

    ~ One Wholegrain pitta with lean ham,low fat mayo and beetroot, lettuce,cucumber and peppers. Muller Yogurt, 6 Strawberries.

    ~ Sunday Dinner Chicken with veg and new potatoes.

    Monday 07/10/09 Day 20

    Maintenance Bar

    Lunch ~
    Spicy quorn mince on wrap with salsa and salad. Muller yogurt. Mandarin.

    Dinner ~
    Beef Curry, basically same principles as Tanya’s curry. 4oz Wholegrain Rice

    Tuesday 08/10/09
    Day 21

    Breakfast ~
    Maintenance Bar

    Lunch ~
    tuna mix with tablespoon of extra light Mayo and mustard seeds, mixed lettuce,
    cucumber, spring onions, baby plum tomatoes, seasoned with pepper and parsley on wholegrain wrap. Muller Yogurt. Apple

    WW Pork Stir fry-
    My Dad done weight watchers recently and he got a book of recipes this is from it. If anyone wants
    to try it
    ill post the recipe. Served with Wholegrain Noodles.

    Wednesday 09/10/09 Day 22

    Maintenance Bar

    Lunch ~
    Left over beef
    curry in wholegrain wrap. Muller
    Yogurt, Orange.

    Dinner ~
    home made burger
    with quorn mince and onion fried in
    frylite. Served with fat free homemade
    chips and Salsa sauce.

    Thursday 10/10/09 Day 22

    Breakfast ~
    Maintenance Bar

    Lunch ~
    Extra Lean corned beef on whole grain roll with beetroot and mixed leaves. Muller Yogurt, Plum.

    Dinner ~
    6oz Baked Jacket Potato seasoned with curry powderand pepper with chicken pieces(Quorn) mixed with fromage frais & curry powder, dry fried with 1/2 tomato, spinach, tsp red onion and peppers.

    Well as you can see i'm basically sticking with the
    refeed food ideas just will be adding new stuff too
    like snacks. Gonna stay away from fats as much
    as possible coz as lipotrim says fats make you fat

    Think Today Might be a treat day for me, think i
    need to get it out of my system. So it doesn't
    continue for the whole week.
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  8. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Looking good anne-marie :)

    I like the idea of treat days - mine are on mondays and i allow myself a few biccies, some chocolate and crisps. I think it just makes the whole week that little bit easier knowing that i've only x amount of days untill treat! lol Ofcourse, little nawtys slip in now and again but nothing major.

    Enjoy your treats, whatever they may be :) xxxx
  9. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Yeah i think ill be having a packet of crisps and prob a curly wurly both are low fat for what they are so prob good choices.

    I need to get motivated today its so cold but i must go the gym and go shopping. And maybe if i get away from food ill stop being hungry haha!
  10. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    haha! It is much easier to 'forget' food when your distracted!! :)
  11. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Todays food

    Treat Day So Beware haha!

    Breakfast ~
    Maintenance Bar
    1 slice of wholegrain bread with cheese triangle (Hungry this morning slept til after 11, wrecked I was)
    * Mandarin
    * small bag of fat free jellies:asskick:
    * Cup of tea with skimmed 0% Fat Milk (attempting to reintroduce milk and hoping ill like it this time around)

    Lunch ~Tesco Healthy Choices Veg
    Soup,1 slice of wholemeal bread, apple. Can of 7up free. Muller Yogurt.

    * curly wurly
    * walkers salt & vinegar baked crisps
    * can of 7up free
    * sugar free jelly
    * 6 green grapes
    'pick pick pick pickers have big knickers.'

    Dinner~ Fish Fillet baked with Dill
    & pepper, chillie, garlic, basil, thyme, dried oregano and sprinkle of cumin seeds steamed.
    2 ozs (dry) of wholegrain pasta served with
    tomato and peppers, courgette made into sauce, all cooked in slow cooker.

    Desert Rhurbarb Low fat yogurt & small bit of sugar free jelly (hardly jelly, it didnt set:cry:)
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  12. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Hi and welcome to maintenance.
    Just experiment around with your food to see which foods suit you and keep you feeling fuller for longer and also which ones can lead to potential triggers.

    I also used calories for the first month or so, they were great in showing me portion sizes, I still look at the amount of calories now, but I dont calorie count as such.

    Just keep coming here for support, enjoy the experiments.
  13. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Yeah im trying to concentrate more on portions in relation to calorie instead of counting everything i am still using a cal counting website to see how im doing but if i go over one day or under another im not gonna worry as it should all even out.

    Yeah i think experimenting will be key for me as my taste buds are very different than before so finding new foods that fill me will be important.

    Ah well if i can stay on track ill be happy.

  14. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Haha! So I log my calories on a website called sparkpeople.com and They gave me a max calorie intake of 1550. I just entered in all my exercise and its gone up to 1930max and 1580 min. Hilarious now im so under for the day wen a few mins i was dead in the centre. Its amazing. Im not goin up to that amount just yet but its interesting to know how exercise changes everything.

    Really looking forward to the gym now tomorrow and the sauna and steam room. :D Must buy a swimming suit 2moro.

    Think ill have my desert now, jelly and low fat yogurt yummy.
  15. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Saturday 05/12/09 Day 18

    Breakfast ~ 50g Lizi’s pink Apple & Cinnamon Granola in natural yogurt

    * 2 small Plums
    * Maintenance Bar
    * 10 grapes
    * Muller Yogurt

    Little bit of a confession to make I didnt have lunch but I'm gonna take the muller yogurt and Maintenance Bar as my lunch as i had them quite late. Sat always seem to run away from me coz im up much later than usual so fitting in Lunch is hard. Especially since i went to the gym really late. Im gonna try go the gym earlier in future on Sat. Ah well i just added more cals to dinner and have some left over to have desert and maybe a curly wurly later (TOTM again only finished a two week one two weeks ago very annoying and i feel very sick which i dont get often but i just hope i dont start getting sick as sometimes this happens, and the back pain oh dont get me started hahaha, still keep forgetting i must be careful wen i sit down on hard chairs coz i dont have enough padding haha and my bones hit off the chair)

    Dinner ~ Sweet Chilli Salmon- Fillet of Salmon served with broccoli, green peas, parnip (gorgeous) and carrots with 5 baby potatoes.

    Desert ~ Rachel's Peach Low fat Yogurt with banana, mandarin and 50g of grapes. This upped my cals greatly bloody banana haha!

    * can of 7up free
    * curly wurly
    * 2 rich tea lights

    Need to stop picking I'm not even hungry. Gonna stop having deserts everyday i think. Even thou they aren't too bad calorie wise i need to use them as treats i think.


    15 mins on thead mill on a gradient of 4 speed 5woo hoo.
    5 mins on bike
    10 mins on stair step machine
    10 mins on ski machine
    5 mins on arm only rowing machine
    100 stomach crunches
    40 mins walk

    No swimming as i got to the gym to late so didnt have enough time. Bought my swim suit thou so definitely swimming tomorrow.
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  16. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Menu is looking good. I love salmon, its one of my favourites.
  17. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    I have to say I really didnt like it before but now oh my god i could eat it every day. I found new ones in Tesco one with sweet chilli on it and one with cracked black pepper I had the chilli one tonight and wow it was perfect. They are a little higher cals coz of the sauce but still less than 200 so not to bad.

    Think Im gone mad on fish must try different types coz i love prawns too and wasnt keen on them before. I think i might try crab meat coz it looks quite tasty. Must try find a good shop that does different types coz before all i bought was cos or smoked cod. haha! The supermarkets seem to only have battered fish think ill wait a while to try them out coz way more cals.

    Ok fish rant over haha!
  18. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Try the river cobbler Mary told us about ... I'm a convert, we,ve had it tonight. i like the lightly dusted one, but there's the plain and the smoked as well and it's really cheap!! xx
  19. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Where do you get it? I had a look in Aldi but cudnt find anything. Mite need to find a big one.
  20. kered

    kered Gold Member

    I get mine in Tesco at the fish counter. I love them both, but never tried the lightly dusted one that Jan has.

    I also love kippers, thats what I am having for breakfast tomorrow, 2 small kippers with poached egg.
  21. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    I get them in Tescos too - not at the actual fish counter but the chiller shelves. xx

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