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Annie's atkins diary to slimdom...

Well here goes - day 1 of atkins, what was I thinking leaving in the first place, yes it was nice having a biscuit after lunch and hot chocolate here and there - but I just couldnt stick to one and lost no bloody weight. Not to worry, onwards and downwards now and I know ill feel so much better without all the carbs - I have a bit of a headache today but not too bad. I started a challenge on SW 120 days sticking to the diet and planning to lose 30 lbs - Im going to continue that here, today is day 20 - so in less than 100 days I will be a healthy BMI and a size 12 - yipee!!

Todays foodplan
B: 2 boiled eggs
Snk: 2 babybel (what is the carb total here does anyone know?)
L: Turkey, leaves, 2 baby tomatoes and some caeser dressing
D: fried chicken and some green veg.
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Reckon you might have it nailed before your 100 days are up. x
I hope so wow how amazing would that be - but I do tend to be a slow loser so we will see. I dont care how long it takes once I get there this time!!
I was just thinking when I am doing atkins - I feel like Im on a diet, but for me this is a good thing I feel like Im doing something positive for my health. I need to feel a bit restricted to feel motivated and in control if you get me.
I am also going to note down here my exercise goals and what I do:
Plan: - Walk 40 mins 4 days/week
Treadmill 40 mins 3 days/week (mix between jogging and walking)
Yoga 1day/week for 1.5 hour class
Annie - you dont need that biscuit - surely cheese is much nicer? best of luck :D
Lol I really should do some more exercise. Im sure housework burns off lots and lots of calories and wont be doing many long dog walks for a while as one of girls hopefully having pups soon :D
Oh Id love a dog, our little one died last year, but life is a bit too busy at the minute with two babies and I know the dog would not get the attention it would need - maybe in few years.

I like exercise, I find it the easy part, but I lose no weight through exercise alone unfortunately.
There is a film - Anne of the Thousand Days. Perhaps this will be Annie of the Hundred Days!

One thing is for sure - you will eat well and generously and enjoy every one of those days. And if you should slip - no matter. Everything we do on Atkins is a learning experience. There is no other way to learn what we as individuals can eat, on- and off-plan. It is not a one-size-fits-all. It is about us as unique human beings, and all the more special for that.

Good luck again hun! This time you are gonna do it.
Thanks girly girl - you speak wise words!! Oh and I like that Anne of the Hundred Days!! Roll on day 98
LOL, I like that as well, let's just hope it has a happier ending. :)
Hi Annie

Glad you are back and good luck hun. Oh to be a size 12 or even a 14 haha

Well day 2 today and I have a bad headache - had it yesterday too in the evening, it tells me I was poisoning my body with sugar, because if this is the detox the tox must have been bad. Otherwise feel really good, I have no cravings really but I am still quite hungry all the time, which is so easy to fix on atkins. Im going to WI tomorrow as Friday is my WI in day but will be happy with a STS as I reckon it was a gain a little earlier in the week. Then hopefully lose a few pounds before next friday!!

I did a very silly thing yesterday too - I went shopping for a new pair of Jeans and as I couldnt try them on because I had my two boys with me, I bought a size 12 - thinking it will be nice to have them to look forward to and stupidly thought they might not be too far away, now this would be find except my only pair of everyday jeans are falling to bits and money is a little tight at the minute as DH just lost his job - so I cant afford another pair and I cant find the receipt and they are sooooo tight I dont think Ill ever fit into them :( oh well the day I do will be a happy day I suppose!
Well I was just flicking through the success stories, and I am officially booking my place in there - I will be typing my success story this year, and it will be a good one with snaps. I feel so determined now and excited I have been faffing about long enough - time for business!!
Annie sorry to hear about your OH losing his job. You will have a major incentive now! wait till you get those jeans on!
Annie sorry to hear about your OH losing his job. You will have a major incentive now! wait till you get those jeans on!
thanks Longratia!! Yes I will just have to fit into them sooner rather than later!!
Well I had a WI this morning because I WI on Fridays, and even though I only started on Wed I have lost 2 lbs - yipee, I will still count next weeks WI as week 1 though. I am very pleased to be back in the the 160's - yipee!!

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