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Annie's celebrityslim journey - end of week one

Hello :wavey:
Well I am starting Celebrity slim tomorrow - I have lost a bit of weight already on WW & SW but am stuck now and feel I need a little bit more structure so here goes - I am really hoping this is it for me - third time lucky.
I will let you know how I go tomorrow. I am very excited - lets hope that continues!
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Oooh excellent you can be our guinea pig - good luck! :D


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what is celebrity slim? never heard of it.:confused:
Celebrity slim is a bit like slim fast - you can buy it in chemist's in Ireland - I don't think it is out in the UK yet. You basically have a shake or soup or bar for breakfast another one for lunch and a balanced meal - and three snacks from an allowed list.

Today is day one - I had a banana shake for breakfast, it was really nice - I have a problem now though - I have to go to a funeral including the meal after - not an ideal day to start, but I am planning to stick to it anyway! The balanced meal has to be low carb - so ill have some meat/fish and veg but no potatoes or dessert - that is the plan anyway:eat:
Well now I am into day 2. Coped really well yesterday - I had lamb with veg and I didnt eat the potato on my plate - i did have a little scoop of ice cream - but could have been much worse, I also had a glass of wine but that is allowed:) So challenge for today is I have lunch guests - I am just going to feed them and say I have just had breakfast and ill get something later.

Well overall I have to say so far so good. The shakes are ok - not delightful but that does not bother me too much, I am not having the snacks in between this week - just two shakes and one meal for a bit of a kickstart. If I can get through the weekend I will be laughing - always my biggest challenge.
Day 3 now, I like this diet it suits me - it is strict all day but you can have a nice dinner. Yesterday I had - carrot salad and brown rice (not strictly allowed - but I am not going to worry about that)

Today - shake for breakfast one for lunch and out for dinner tonight - I am planning to have some nice fish and salad or veg. And I have done 30 mins on my cross trainer so far.
I am becky, first weigh in is on Wednesday morning. Just have to continue for the rest of the weekend - feel determined though!!
well it is Sunday evening - today I have had shake in the morning and bar at lunch veg soup for dinner and 3 brazil nuts and 3 walnuts. I hope to be very enthusiastic tomorrow morning because I am not tonight :(
Monday has arrived thankfully - weigh in on wednesday really hoping to lose 5 lbs this week. I have done 30 mins on my cross trainer today and I will take Darragh out for a walk later. I am going to stick more rigidly to the diet too - I was sticking to the plan just not exactly to the allowable foods for dinner in the evening. I am going out for luch today so more will power needed today!!
Well end of week one!

I managed to lose 5 lbs this week - its funny typing that it looks great but I am a tiny bit disapointed - think I expected a bit more for my first week but I am still determined and entusiastic - bring on week two:)
just noticed i am no longer obese so that is good


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Well done Shrinkingannie on your loss, thats great.
Im looking into celeb slim myself at the moment, did lipotrim for 4 wks there a while ago and lost a good bit of weight, would love to go back on it but not sure if I can to the total food replacement programme again. How are you finding celeb slim, does your body go into ketosis, Im a little confused cos Ive heard you can drink wine on it?? Do you happen to know how many calories are in each cs serving?
Hello, sorry for abondoning this post - I was away for a few days last week - while I was away I read Merissa peers book and now I have decided to follow her advice - for ever. I could relate to so much that she said and to be honest it is weird now that I feel I have changed my eating forever I dont feel the need to weigh myself - which is a first for me:p but I will start a blog somewhere on the site when I get a few mins.
Did anyone stick with celebrity Slim? I tried it for a few days -its alright stuff but Cs or CD or Lt or anything around Final exam time -not for me folks!! Fallen back to good ole LT but am really interested to know of someone who has done well on CS.
sorry -5lbs in a week is pretty good going.
Thats ok I know you meant has anyone stuck to it and done well - not that I know of on here

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