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Annie's diary...Im moving!!

I was at a wedding yesterday and i had way too much to drink and im feelin very rough today. I did eat one tiny bit of bread and a couple of parsnip chips but otherwise i was very good - no potatoes!! But im back strictly on induction today - im cravings carbs today - hangover! but i wont give in, i am doing it this time!!
Morning Annie, it's always hard at functions love. Well done for not going mad.
Well I am back on track since yesterday but still no sign of being in ketosis but Im not too worried as long as Im having no cravings and Im eating healthily and well - im happy to keep going. I feel myself getting a little impatient (even though I have no reason to) but tough - I am on this plan for the long haul even if it only a .5lb loss a week I know low carb is the way for me - I can never stop at one biscuit!
weigh in tomorrow - end of week 2, im excited and nervous!
and i bet you've been doing sneaky weigh ins every day Annie. LOL
Well I lost 1 lb, and no Jim I wasnt peeking honestly!! I am a smidgen disappointed but I do feel a little slimmer and I have lost 3in off my waist in two weeks - so on and up, I going to do another full week of induction and then review!
Well Im still on track but I think I'm doing a few things wrong - namely too many sausages and too many atkins bars - usually one a day. I nearly caved last night with the Indian take away but I didn't so am well pleased. This week is going to be really diffcult because Im going home to my mum and dads for a few days and that is usually a disaster but I will stay strong, ill eat a lot of salad so they are happy I eating ok :)
Well Im back home after being away for a few days and I have my 3rd weigh in tomorrow, Im very proud of myself I did really well - I did have a few strawberries but nothing else I shouldnt so hopefully will have a good result tomorrow.
2 lbs off for me - Im pleased really because usually by the third week of ww etc. ive lost in the first 2 weeks and put it all back on in the third week. I have also lost another inch off my waist. So another week of induction it is.

Also just realised Im no longer obese:clap:
Thanks Laura, yes Im pleased now just have to stay focused to get into the healthy bracket!
Congrats Annie. I bet is does feel great to go down into another BMI group. I was very happy when I got into the normal range group..
keep up the good work

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