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Hi everyone, Gonna have to go to meetings because everytime i weight myself im a stone heavier or lighter or half or whatever and i dont actually know how much i weigh i think i had wildly under estimated my weight so i will change it to the highest that i have weighed at today just so i wont be dissapointed at meeting :(
the annoying thing is i wont know how much ive lost this week :( arrr soo annoyed.

Anywayz guys ill keep you posted. my first meeting is 9.45 am tuesday morning xx
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Buying some ww scales cheaper than paying membership! I saw some in sainsburys the other day they were £20... I cant afford to do ww monthly pass, and gym membership (that i WILL get my money out of... i WILL... just have to get back into it lol)...

why not buy some of them and at least you know that theyll be accurate coz theyll be the same thing you use each week... or go to boots or somewhere (altho im always slightly warey of scales that get a lot of use... does it affect their accuracy?) xx
Huh any scales are nasty.. :sigh:I brought my cute little dog to the vet for her op :doggy:and she wriggled so much but when the vet asked did I want to stand on the scales with her :argh:then hand her to someone and thae would deduct the difference!!!!!!!! I mean seriously girls in front of a dishy slim vet (when in my head Im this slim 20 something size 12 who he surely must fancy):candledinner: Talk about reality check! I glared my dog into standing still and went away red cheeked and determined:mad:
haha that made me laugh :) I do have scales but they weigh me lighter than any others by a stone :S x
Ive found my scales weigh me different depending on the surface they are on...I weight 9.13lbs on laminate flooring however on my carpet im 7.8lbs, lol
I want those scales!!!! haha :D i had that problem, but soon found a place that gave me a correct reading every time, meeting will be best for you though hun, good luck for tomorrow!! :)
Have one of those scales (not digital) and they always weigh me heavier. I prefer to weigh on the wii fit at the same time of the week. I do it on the laminate floor - roll on Friday.
Hi everyone, Went to class and it wasnt on !!!! GRRRRRR so went to boots to weigh on those scales and i weigh a wopping 17st :( but i dread to think what i was last week :S so im just gonna go there on a tuesday morning every week :) I will get healthy and happy xx
hun, personally if you decide not to go class, go and get some of your own scales. I don't trust boots scales, they always weigh heavier. Id still go and get some more scales. xx
i do have some but they weigh me ridiculously light :S xx
id invest in some new ones then. I wouldn't go to boots, as so many people use the boots scales they probebly arn't calibered anymore.
plus with the scales being near the slimming stuff they probebly make them heavier so u panic and want to find the cloest things to help you lose wieght.

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