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Another attempt to lose weight!


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I've done quite a few diets before and the only one that seems to work for me is the Atkins! I'm not hugely overweight really, I just need to lose a stone for now but I'm finding it so difficult I'm just craving everything at the moment but then I feel miserable when I do eat badly. Anyway, last time I was overweight I did the Atkins diet and it worked wonders for me and I was so happy (I've put all the weight back on and more). I've lost my book and I'm in the induction stage-have been for 2 days. I've been sticking to 20g of carbs because I can't remember how many I am allowed in this stage. Could anyone remind me please? Also, did anyone else find exercising extremely hard when in the induction stage?- I get all headachy and weak. Anyway, I'm really sorry if i sound like I am being a tad moany and complaining but I'm working by a lake at the end of June for 6 weeks and at the minute I have no confidence to get into swimwear and frankly just don't want to go...butttt there's no use moaning if I'm going to do nothing about it, so I've decided to start now! If any one could tell me how many carbs I should be eating, or even any tips for the induction stage (it's very hard!) then it would be much appreciated :):):)
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hi welcome back to atkins yes it is 20g carbs aday you will get loads of support on here were a friendly bunch :D


Alway see the love x
Hi and welcome.

I wouldnt work out for a while hunni, let ur body get use to Atkins 1st

Woofy x


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Hi and welcome to the madhouse! Any questions will be answered on here by somebody so no worries!:)


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Thanks all :) I love this diet, just not so much the headaches, I can't remember but do the headaches last for the whole of the induction stage? xx


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Mine eased off after a couple of days hun and now I rarely get them at all -usually alcohol induced :8855:
20G carbs per day...i would stick to on induction

3 cups of veg/salad per day,
cook EVERYTHING in butter (real butter lol)
and have meat and green veg daily

there are plenty of recipes around, if you want to know if they are good for induction, shout up :D

post your daily menu on the thread and we can tell you if your going wrong or right, and remember to weekly weigh in!

Great being n atkins....see you around the forum :D
hi and welcome to atkins. the headaches and flu'y symptoms generaly wear off after a few days. its your body getting used to your new way of eating.
Hi Mag and welcome, have you read the stickie's at the top?

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