Another Awful Day (AAD)

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by fatpossum, 20 May 2007 Social URL.

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  1. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

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    :sigh: Hi Chaps,

    Have just got through to the end of another one of my "wipe out" days. I feel and look dreadful and am a bit fed up.

    I don't know why I keep having days like this. I fully expected to have them at the start but now, at the end of week 5, I should be attuned to the diet. But it seems that I'm not.

    I have no energy at all. Today I was in a supermarket and hunched down to get something from a bottom shelf - I had to hang on to the shelf in order to get up again! I have never been like that even when I was nearly 2 stones heavier.

    I have been taking exercise but nothing strenuous - just walking for the last couple of days. I did two spinning classes last week but that was fine.

    I get no warning for these "days" at all - they just hit me.

    Has anyone else felt this way? :cry:
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  3. Cerulean

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    I do get dizzy when I lower my head suddenly or go upside down on LL. Often it's usually when I'm dehydrated - sometimes not. I have a feeling you may turn the corner soon. I don't think LL started to feel completely natural until I was at least 5 weeks in.

    Spinning is a pretty strenuous activity - you are working at a high rate for a 30 minute period - I know it's something I've only been able to do when I've been very aerobically fit.
  4. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

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    Hi Cerulean,

    I have been Spinning 3/4 times a week for over 5 years now (sometimes doing double sessions) and prior to that I did RPM 3/4 times a week - so it can't be a lack of aerobic fitness. I have also done Body Pump on a regular basis.
    I have cut back on Spinning since starting LL and now do only 2 classes a week (3 if I am feeling okay - which hasn't been often) purely because I have no energy at all.

    I want to keep up my classes because I really enjoy them - I know lots of people at the gym and the sessions are an excellent way of toning up bum, tum and thighs. I don't want to go to lard!

    I hope I do "turn the corner soon" - I just need some energy. I am in a good routine with my packs and while I don't feel "hungry" my body knows it is missing food! I look terribly pale and have black circles under my eyes - so it is not in my mind!

    I intend to percevere but sometimes I feel so awful that it worries me.
  5. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

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    Hey fatpossum
    I too have lots of light headed moments. And it's always when I bend down and then stand up again. I'm 13 weeks in and have had this from Day 1 - but it's not got better or worse, it's just what it is. I've just accepted it as part of the process. ie I know my BP is fine, I don't feel like I'm going to pass out (even though its a proper head rush!), and I'm up and down on the energy levels throughout the day as standard.
    I'm fine when I exercise - even though I'm not doing loads of cardio just now.
    Have you checked it out with your doc?
    My skin's a bit rubbish at the minute actually, 5litres of water - can't understand it. There's always something eh? Keep an eye on what you're doing and how you then feel is the only real advice I can give.
    There's so much up and down on this programme - its often really difficult to recognise when its purely physical and when it's a mental thing feeding the physical side.
    Hope you feel better soon :D
  6. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

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    Hi Tiger Girl,

    My skin isn's good either and my hair is really dry. Like you I am drinking in excess of the recommended 4 ltrs a day but still look rough!

    I must say I feel fine in my "head" and as I am reaching the half way point now I can see the end in sight. I don't anticipate going right to the end of the 100 days though as I am already near enought to target to be able to do it within a month or so - fingers crossed anyway.

    I shall keep drinking the water, slapping on the moisturiser and hoping that when the summer comes I won't be too ravaged by ketosis (for that read starvtion!) that I have to hide away!! Only joking - I know people who have done LL and they look great now though did look a bit rough at the time.

    Thanks for your concern - hope you are doing okay.
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