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  1. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Well peeps,

    Another day totally ruined, binged out today, wont tell u wot I ate cos thats a bit harsh on you guys that have the ability to SS!!!

    I have my colonic irrigation tomoz and hope that will reduce my bloating. THen got dreaded WI on Weds and Def going to have put weight on!!!

    I just dont really know wot to do!!

    Anna xx
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  3. RED

    RED Full Member

    Dont give up look how well you've done so far...your losses are great...:D
    Put your blip behind you and look at tomorrow as a new day...
    Im on Day 1 again after a week long blip...So i know exactly where you're coming from...come on girl we can do it!! *BIG HUGZ*
  4. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Weight watchers
    ahhh hun, are you ok? You sound like your well and truly fed up. I was like that last week, could not get my head around ss at all and then Friday I did it! Then Sat and Sun I lost it and ate :( Was gutted and truly fed up but this morning I though 'right that's it!' Try and forget the last few days and think about what you have achieved and re focus! Good luck x p.s enjoy the colonic, my friend had one and thought it was fab, she said she felt amazing and very 'empty' x
  5. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Thanks ladies,
    yeh maz i am really really fed up. I know how gr8 this diet is and its going to work for me but lately I am just missing my food!!!
    I am good at putting days behind me but once I have eaten I wreck the whole day!!!
    I am going to re focus on Weds!! Tomoz cant realy eat food cos they advise u not to have large meals! I am going back to uni on Mon and so hoping il be kept busy as its teaching and have to nbe there 9-5!!
  6. Maz35

    Maz35 Full Member

    Weight watchers
    Thats what I do! If i lose it I use the whole day to eat and don't stop until i go to bed or feel sick! Its like "well I've blown it now so might as well have what I want"
    I find it much easier at work Mon-Fri 6.45am to 4 pm, evenings are the hardest for me.
    Good luck and don't worry too much, we know it works, we just have to be focused to follow it 100% x
  7. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    was Lighterlife - moved to Cambridge
    Aww Anna I'm sory to hear you are feeling so low right now. Are you doing SS?? If so, would you consider doing the 790 plan? I only ask because SS doesn't really suit me personally, I am SO enjoying doing 790 and am having good losses but still get to eat really healthy foods that I know are good for me and that means that I'm staying in control of what I'm eating. There's a lot to be said for remaining in control :rolleyes:

    Good luck, I am sure you will get back on track hun :)xx
  8. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Thanks Sarah,
    Your losses are amazing, I was trying to SS then decided to go to 790 but the last 2 days r a write off!!

    I am going to get back on track, I have to!!! Ive got 3 pairs of size 16's sitting in my wardrobe to fit into and I have just sold all my fat clothes on Ebay so have no choice really!!!!

    Need to remember why I am doing it!!

  9. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    hey anna, dont be too cross with yourself about your blip, put it behind you. its done now, and thinking too much about it will just upset u! concentrate on how well u have done, and how well you will continue to do once you get restarted.
  10. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    was Lighterlife - moved to Cambridge
    Ah yes.. no choice then hun you HAVE to keep going hehe!! You WILL get into those size 16's, and then 14's and then.. well who knows!!

    Good luck, you have done SO SO well it would be a real shame to undo all that great work.

    Enjoy your colonic tomorrow ;) I have never had it done but I know friends that have and they have felt so light and had a feeling of well-being afterwards.. it'll be interesting to see how your weigh-in goes, I bet you lose weight after your colonic ;) :D

  11. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Well without tmi I havetn done a number 2 for a week and a half and I have been eating crap most nights!! So I am looking forward to a good clean out!! I will def let u all know about my WI!! I am expecting to put on about 5 pounds and then I will make sure I get that off and more the next wk!!!
  12. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    would the colonic not bring about a weight loss, esp after u havent been to the loo in a week and half?
  13. bo_lady

    bo_lady Full Member

    Well that wud be nice!!!!
    I hope it does!!!
  14. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    so do i pet! a friend of mine owns a beauty salon that offers colonics, and she is always at me to get one done but ive never got the courage up to do it! u will have to let us know how u get on. not too many gory details tho!!
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