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another bar?

Don't know if it would kick you out of ketosis, sorry. I do know that you're only meant to have one though as they have more carbs in them.


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Thanks ladies!!

The feeling is passing..........

It is some times when I feel I want to 'treat' myself I want another one........ it is hard when I am bored!! ha ha!!

I am going to keep away from the fridge!! I guess Saturdays always feel such a long day....
Have just asked a question on the other 'bars' thread about having more than one a day. I don't think it's the carbs as the peanut and cranberry ones are very low - I thought the reason was that they can be slightly laxative (as can diabetic chocolate) but I am happy to be corrected


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Hi Board - thanks for asking!!

I am just trying not to get in my old habits - and keep thinking that another bar would slow my loss this week.

It is hard though as they keep calling to me from the fridge! ha ha

Hi - I don't think it will slow our losses to have an extra bar / shake, but we won't learn to control our cravings! I don't think we'll ever stop craving food but we can stop giving into our cravings and every time we sit them out they lose a bit of their power over us!

At least that's what I keep telling myself tonight!!

Well done LB for resisting:happy096:


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Herewego - you are so right!! I dont want to have cravings any more...........

It is still 50:50 though on if I am going to have another one!! ha ha

I am drinking lots of water to help get rid of the craving!! ha ha
I was reading on Cambridge site this morning cambridge company history() I always thought it was an absolute no-no for more than one bar... but it does say here it might be ok...
I have posted link.. but this is what it says...

Why should you not use three Cambridge Bars a day while on ‘Sole Source’?
There is more carbohydrate in the bars than in the drinks and soups. Three bars in a day can contain enough carbohydrate to break the mild ketosis which you get on ‘Sole Source’. Without this ketosis, you could become hungry and uncomfortable and so less likely to remain on the ‘Sole Source’ programme. For some people, even one bar a day can prevent ketosis.
We recommend that only drinks are used during the first two weeks on the ‘Sole Source’ programme. A simple urine test for ketones can help with a customer who is experiencing poor weight loss on two drinks and a bar – sometimes the extra carbohydrate causes fluid retention. Some lucky individuals get into ketosis easily and can even get away with three bars a day!
If your customer insists this is how they want to use the diet, make sure they drink even more water and of course monitor their ketone levels to ensure that they stay in ketosis. A warning: the complex carbohydrate in the bars can cause flatulence in some people. One a day does not usually cause a problem, three a day could be socially embarrassing!"

I think there is 10g more carbs than the other meals. Thing with ketosis is its very individual. Some people can eat loads and stay in ketosis where with others the slightest thing can knock them out.


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Thanks Tilly and Badger for your help on this.

I did end up having another bar - it is my first blip in 4 1/2 weeks. But I did learn from it:
It didn't actually make me feel any better by 'feeding' my craving. It didn't make me feel happy or more satisfied.

Therefore I will not be doing it again!!! I ended up on the loo too - not nice!!

I am really hoping it didn't kick me out of ketosis - I don't feel hungry today - so I am hoping that 5mins of weakness wont last for 3 days.

I am quite unhappy with myself today.
LB - don't be mad with yourself for the extra bar! It was just an extra bar and it just means you had a SS+ day instead of the usual SS day.

We learn through hard times and so now next time you want another bar, you will know that it's not worth it.

Just the thought of not having junk food in the house used to send me into a panic as I was so worried about not being able to satisfy my cravings. CD has really tought me that craving food won't kill me, nor will a bit of hunger. I'm hoping this knowledge will help me once I get to the maintenance phase.

Today is a new day - don't worry about what happened yesterday - it's not like you can change it anyway.


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Hi Alli,

Thanks for your kind words.

You are right - cravings don't kill me. I just wish I had been a little stronger last night.

But today is a new day!! Yesterday wasn't the end of the world.......

Just wanted to say that I was so with you last night!!!! I also had an extra bar (after having had one earlier as well as 2 shakes) and I feel the same as you today. My husband was grumpy all day yesterday which annoyed me and I think I just wanted to comfort eat something sweet. I was also moving a load of furniture about which made me feel a bit queazy. I did feel a bit hungry this morning but I think I'm OK now. The thing is we now just have to learn from it and get back on that horse!!!! I'm on SS+ so it may make a bit more difference to me, but at the end of the day it's hardly going to undo all our work. My CDC did say that if you really need something it was best to have an extra bar or whatever than real food as it is easier to control.
So never mind, let's just learn from this and move on!!!! You are doing so well with your weight loss btw. X


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Hi MiniBum!!

Ha ha ha ha - I am glad I wasn't the only one!! You are right, and extra bar isn't as bad as lots of other things we could have eaten......and I will not do it again!

I am also finding that doing alot of physical stuff makes me feel light headed and funny! I used to walk, and loved doing it. However I feel at the moment I just couldnt manage an 11 mile walk - which is such a shame, but this is only for a small part of my life. I would hate to go walking and faint in front of my group!! heee haaa.

Right we are both going to have a 100% today - nothing exta!! :)

I did have a look at the chocolate and peanut bars and there is less carbs in the peanut than the chocolate. Either way its not the end of the world. I was allways told I was better to have some protien ie some chicken, cottage cheese or tuna if I had an urge to eat, didnt really cave in but having it in the fridge seemed to help, this might have the opposite affect though for others. :)


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Hi Badger - well the extra bar I had was a cranberry one - which I heard was low in carbs like the peanut one!!

Ummm maybe I need to put some stores in the fridge too!! I just worry though that once I start to nibble on real food, I wouldn't stop!! heee haaa.

I have cleared everything out of my fridge, freezer and cupboards for this diet!! It seems easier that way.


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