Another birthday dilema

Sweet Cheeks

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Ok here goes, Its my mums 50th birthday on sunday and i feel soooooooo horrible that i cant take her out for a nice meal shes a widow and doesnt have anybody else to take her out and make her feel special shes been alone now for over ten years and im the only person shes really got as my nan is very ill and cant go out the house so the devil in me is saying sod it and take her out :devilangel: let her enjoy her day

Any other birthday wouldn't bother me its just that its my mums and its her 50th

So what to do? do i risk it and take her out or not? :break_diet:

I am feeling absolutely great on this diet and can see a huge difference in my clothes already and ive only been on it for a week tomorrow 1st weigh in :D

Any advise guys :sign0009:
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Little Miss Living

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You don't necessarily have to take her for a meal, what is she into?
You could take her shopping or to a beauty salon to get a massage, manicure or her hair done etc!!! Pampering doesn't need to involve food!


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Why not take her on a spa day.

Have lots of nice treatments instead of food


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the spa idea is very good, just do anything that makes her feel special. but keeps you feeling good about yourself as well. whatever you decide have a great time. bridie x


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I'm all for a spa day!!!!! Or the theatre, or a concert, or maybe something she has always wanted to do before but hasn't been brave enough!

It's still a fair way till my 50th but I think I'd rather have a girlie day out rather than a meal! Maybe buy a designer handbag or totally unpractical shoes! But that's me!

My mum is on her own and I know a meal wouldn't fuss her, she'd rather just spend the day with her daughters and grandchildren. Time is the best gift you can give.

Hope your mum has a lovely day with you.