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Another blip :(


time to get focused
Oh Hun I do feel for you but you are in sabotage mode right now (I've already had one blip so I may as well have another one). You're the person in control here and when you wake up in the night stay strong and stay out of the kitchen. The diet is tough but you made it through the first week which is always the hardest. Please be kind to yourself xx


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yes you made it through the first week..

YOU CAN DO THIS... and its only a matter of rolling over when you wake up and say NO I DONT WANT IT!
Aw hon

Have you read my post further down? (A few thoughts)... it might resonate and help.


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Got up twice in the night snd had biscuits and a chocolate bar :( y can't I b ad focused this week as I was last :(
Don't have biscuits and choclate in the house and then you can't eat them. You aren't going to go a shop in the middle of the night

Good luck x


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Sorry you are going through such a tough time right now. Have you thought about maybe taking the rest of the week off and starting a fresh on monday? I think a few days of not thinking about the diet might be good. :)


Slowly but surely x
you have to tell yourself this: £40 down the pan for the sake of a biscuit?
I start CD tomorrow and aint no tasty snack or delicious meal going to ruin my £40 investment.
I feel for you, though x


time to get focused
I can't take the rest of the week off as iv got till 1st dec to get as close as 9st 3 as possible before my surgery! My dad didn't by biscuits last week and I lost half a stone! I tx him and asked him to remove them and he has agreed xx
@Mantha honey, I think you need to sit down and have a very honest conversation with yourself about whether at this moment in time you really want to lose weight or are you doing it because you've been told to by the surgeon so you can have your surgery. It's fine if the motivation does come from the surgeon but you also need to truly and honestly feel it's what you want to do.

thedietguy.co.uk has an area on "general mindset" and in there he has a few articles with some exercises that can help you get your head in the right space. Might be worth a visit to help you get to your goal.

Okay, change of tack. :)

Let's talk calories, ketosis, refilling of glycogen stores, etc. And perspective. I'm writing this as much to remind myself as you (cos I seem to have tipped into blipland during the last week or so...:rolleyes:)

Chances are, that even with the biscuits and the chocolate bar, you didn't eat thousands of calories. Let's just say you had eaten 1000 calories worth of sugary things.

Even with all 3 shakes on top, that would still only be 1500 calories for the day, right? Which is what you might have when following a WW or SW diet, right? And consuming 1500 calories would've been considered a 'good' dieting day.

It gets even better if you spread that 1000 calorie blip out over the course of 3 days or so. Say you stuck to your shakes for 3 days but then had the 1000 calorie blip on the 3rd day. So you'd have consumed 450 + 450 + 450 + 1000 = 2350 calories. Which over the course of 3 days averages out at 783.33 calories per day. Hmm. :) Not so bad, huh?

Now... It's not as simple as that, cos when we eat carbs on this diet, our glycogen stores bounce back up again so it looks like we've regained pounds and pounds. But in real terms? Nah. How could you possibly have gained that much real weight? As soon as you stick to Cambridge for the 3 days or so required to get back into ketosis, your weight will drop back down again to where it should be (and quite possibly a bit lower). No real harm done - how could there be, if you've eaten an average of 783.33 calories a day?!

It's like a trick of the light, LOL.

Of course, the other problem with eating carbs is that they trigger off the whole insulin response thing - so that you end up wanting more carbs a bit later on. The really hard bit is resisting that urge - at least, it is for me. Trying to lose the, damn it, I've blown it, might as well binge, mentality is by far the biggest issue for me on any diet, not just Cambridge.

But I'm not giving up, no siree. :D

Pink, hun - you can do this! Keep the blip in perspective, come on here and post (even in the middle of the night if need be) - and you'll soon be back on track!
Have a cup of tea in the night instead of the food perhaps and see if that works.
Gg it's not the surgeon who has told me to lose weight as I havnt actually met him yet, I just know I need to lose weight for the look I want to achieve xx

Ah.. sorry.. i thought you'd been told to lose weight for the surgery. In that case why don't you take the pressure of that date off yourself and instead just focus on doing CD week by week instead of the constant loop of "I have to do it by XXX" followed by the panic followed by the binge cycle?



time to get focused
Last week wen I was wakin up in the night for chocolate I had a fag and a cup of tea instead! That long essay makes sense, thank u! I need to get back into last weeks mind set! It's so frustratin that no one is online at the silly hours I wake up for buscuits and chocolate xxx
It's so frustratin that no one is online at the silly hours I wake up for buscuits and chocolate xxx

Ideal time to read thedietguy.co.uk :D
Do... even the act of reading helps break the binge cycle i've found. It's helped me stop calling for takeaway a few times this week.

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