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Another day


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So...I put on 1lb this week. Totally deserve to put weight on, I didn't follow the plan. Didn't over eat as such but wasn't doing SW. Today I have seen the most amazing photos of my friend who has lost loads of weight on cambridge diet. She has photos of herself in a bikini on the internet. I would never do that.
I'm seriously considering taking some drastic action like this. I really want to be a beautiful bride next year but I can't see the end of this battle. Going on holiday on Monday so it's going to be at least 2 weeks before I lose any more weight.
Not sure if I want to continue with it.
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I ate my willpower!
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CD does get results quick but it's very hard. I managed it for 8 weeks and lost 2 stone but I also started SW in Jan and also lost 2 stone in 8 weeks. If you find SW hard to stick to, then it won't work for you. CD is easy in that there is no planning as such. But the 1st week is awful. You also need to be careful about loose skin too. Loosing weight too quick can leave you with saggy skin. I think it just depends on how much you have to lose.

Good Luck whatever you decide though.
You have done so well already - don't think what you've achieved isn't a marvellous achievement because it is!
I would say this - why do you feel you've gone off plan? Is it because you couldn't handle not having certain foods? If so then I can't see how CD would help really, apart from quicker and easier to see results. If you are finding that on SW you want to reach for things that are high in syns or don't work well with the plan or whatever then I imagine those feelings will be even worse on CD. I've not done it myself though. I know CD does work really well, my MIL did it and in no time at all she looked totally different and incredibly thin. I don't see her often as she lives far away so it was like, I saw her and she was her 'normal' self, a couple of months later she was super slim! But then the next time we saw her she had put it back on again and then some and was at her heaviest ever. Now, I'm not saying CD doesn't work, but it's not a quick fix. Believe me, I'd love a quick fix, nice little diet for a couple of months and then back on the red wine, bread and butter but nothing works like that. You are following a great plan and one that is working for you. A few weeks off track enjoying your holiday won't ruin the hard work you've done and you know the principles of the plan so you can eat what you want on holiday but maybe keep the 'red and green' principles in your head, if you're torn between two dishes say that you want equally at the restaurant, go for the 'better' one.

I know what it feels like to have a friend slim really well whilst you don't feel like you are getting anywhere. I did WW alongside my best friend a few years back and I nearly got to my 10% goal and she got to goal! She looked AMAZING and I'd always been the (slightly) slimmer of us so I found it weird suddenly being the bigger one, whilst she got all the attention for how well she'd done. I'd still done well but not AS well and it was disheartening. But you will get there, and healthily too!



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Hi Emerald, thank you for your words of wisdom. I know SW is a healthy plan, I think I've said it 100 times since I started. i know it makes sense. You're right that I just want quick results, I want people to say 'Wow' at me for a change. I've lost 24lbs and very few people have even noticed!!! I think i would find CD really hard because as you rightly pointed out the reason I'm not sticking to SW is because I want the foods that are high syn values etc. I've never done a meal replacement diet before because I think I'm overweight because I like food!! I probably wouldn't stick to CD either. I'm going to take your advice and try and stick to it as best I can when I'm away, i think the red and green is always in my head anyway! I'll knuckle down properly when I get back.
Thank you soooo much.


i love minimins me :)
i jus wanted to send some :grouphugg:

u have done so so well so far!!! its nearly 2 stone loss, thats amazin!

good luck n keep us updated



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Thanks Stacey, I think sometimes it's hard to imagine a life of not dieting or watching what I eat and that sends me mad! My OH eats what he like and really enjoys exercise so he doesn't understand why I can't just not have the bar of chocolate or whatever it is that I'm eating! All of the girls on this site are doing so well. When I've been reading tonight it's given me a boost.


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I've just down a mega long day at work! I started at 7.45 this morning and left at 9pm! Then I had a taxi driver the whole way home who wanted to talk about his experience with the bank I work in!! I wanted to kill kim!!
Not too bad food wise today......except for the packet of McCoys I had at 6.30pm to get me through.


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i'm so glad you are going to stay with SW you've done so well so far! i have lost 24lb with SW and i lost 6lb on my own before i started so my overall total is 30lb but i know what you saying my hubby doesn't notice i've lost any weight...........................yet! trust me all of a sudden everyone will notice and then you'll be so chuffed love! people who see you all the time sometimes don't always notice. all my friends are skinny as are my two "big" sisters (they never been fat that was my job lol) and i past caring now i got the better sense of humour lol

go enjoy your holiday but be careful and come back with a new fresh outlook! we'll all be here waiting for you when you come back to spur you on
Hey glad you are feeling better about it all now. Really hope you have a great holiday and come back raring to keep getting slimmer! I keep thinking about how exciting my life will be when I'm slimmer and it really gets me going - shopping in nice shops, trying stuff on and feeling confident rather than disheartened standing in front of the changing room mirror .... and like nannydi says, other people WILL start to notice!


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