Another First Timer... Needing your expertise!


Hi, I'm just starting my first day on the CD.

I have been lurking on here for the past week or so, and I've been very impressed with all your mutual support, and the sense of fun you all clearly share!

I'm very excited about the potential of this diet - but I am a little confused about a couple of things.

Firstly, as I'm a bit tight, what should I be paying for the Sole Source diet? I keep seeing people saying that each food pack costs £1.55 - adding up to £32.55 over the week for 21 packs. My CDC charged me £40. Is there a weekly sub added, or maybe a registration fee?

Secondly, despite being a very big girl - I have 9 stone to lose to get into the healthy bmi range - I am very active, and have always been so. I walk a minimum of four miles a day, often more like six, during the week, and walk ten or twelve miles on Saturdays and Sundays. I also do a quick circuit with handweights before I get dressed in the morning.
However, my CDC said that I should stop this exercise because of the shock the diet is to the system. I am loathe to do this as I do not want to get less fit on this diet!! I do not want to lose muscle I have, with all its calorie-burning power. I do not want my metabolism to slow any more than it has to.
From my reading of the Cambridge literature, it seems to say that on embarking on the diet, one shouldn't START a new exercise regime, rather than having to stop any existing ones. Advice please!

Gosh... that was rather an essay! I hope you'll forgive this newbie for going on a bit!
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Queen of the Damned
Hello and welcome Heppi :D

The price varies from Counsellor to Counsellor as they all work for themselves, so can in essence charge what they like. The RRP for sachets and bars is approx £32.55, with tetras costing more, and various prices for the extras. However, your counsellor can charge above the RRP.

With regard to your exercise plan, the suggestion is not to start any new plan. If you are already active you will have to listen to your body, and if you are feeling more tired/worn down then consider an extra pack in the first instance.

Hope that helps ;)


Ahh! Thanks for that DQ.

I do enjoy my weekend walks, and I'm glad I can continue them!

I'm very excited about this opportunity. In the past I have avoided structured diets like this because I didn't fancy going to group things. But now I see the downside of having no-one to ask! Thank goodness for these boards!


I've kept up with my dance classes since starting CD nearly 3 weeks ago. I find my stamina is a bit lower than usual, I suppose there isn't much glycogen in my system for it to draw on. But I'm managing to keep up and don't see why you shouldn't be able to continue your regime, just don't push yourself too hard because your body won't have the resources there.