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another one off the wagon


Fighting the bulge
Well done for going back to class, it's so easy to try to avoid it to 'catch up with the loss' but in reality most people are just hurting themselves by not biting the bullet.

More often than not when i think i have been really bad ive actually been a lot better than i use to be, theres things you learn on SW that you never forget and find yourself sub-conciously making the right choices, so you may be pleasently suprised that its not as much of a gain as you think.

If it is what you are expecting then that's okay, you have had your blow out, draw a line under it and start again.

Good luck tonight


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done for going back to class!
We have all fallen off the wagon at one time or another. It's getting back on track that is so important.
Draw a line and start afresh... and good luck... you can do it!
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thanks for the support - OH is doing sw with me too - and he's keen to go back so that helps.

I think i might just go back to green and red days - i wasn't losing as much on EE as i had done previously on those!

I will be a size 12 for my honeymoon!!
well i was brave and went to class and i had managed to lose 0.5lb! Thats really spurred me on to keep going.

OH has lost another 3lb now so thats 10.5lb off for him!


I can do this............
See! All that dread and you came away with a loss!

I had the same problem this week dreading it because i had been really naughty last week but i went to Wi and lost 0.5lbs so that spurred me on and taught me that sometimes life is a ***** and makes me eat naughty things!LOL! But im determined to be a good girl and get back into losing weight again!

Good luck on your journey and keep thinking how wonderful you will look in you size 12 clothes for your honeymoon! x


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done lauryloo!
Just shows that sometimes it's not as bad as we think. If you didn't go to class this week it may have escalated to gains. It shows we need to go, no matter what!
Go girl... and well done to your OH too.
I am sure you will look stunning on your honeymoon xxx


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Well done you I have nothing but admiration for your honesty and facing up to things. We all have our up's and downs and will continue to do so. I tend to look at this whole thing as more of a marathon than a sprint as it is a positive change that i want to make for the rest of my life. For me this approach has enabled me to make the choices i want to make it's all about being in control. Good luck for the week ahead

Mrs V

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Well done on the loss this week Hun, but dont forget that you really need to be back on track 100% this week, otherwise it will catch up with you when you least expect it.


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