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Another SF New'un

Hi guys!!!

Im another new un!! Great site!! I found out about it through the Slim Fast web site. Will be needing lots of support and motivation, I find it hard during the day as hate my job sooooooooo much :cry: so tend to comfort eat. But am loving the snack bars especially when your craving something sweet!! So fingers crossed and i must say your all doing amazing massive pat on the back your all an inspiration!! xxxx :p
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Strong women stay slim
Hi Billy
How much have you got to lose ? How long have you been on slimfast ?
Hiya MsJMC

Have been on it 3wks now, need to lose another 3stone. I lost 6lb in my first week, stayed the same on the 2nd and lost only 1lb this wk so in total lost 7lbs. At least i havent gained i guess :rolleyes:

Trying to stay positive as my will power is rubbish, eves are ok as ive got 2 horses so am rushing around constantely after work and weekends its during the day that i fall xx :(


Silver Member
Why don't you have your main meal at lunchtime instead? This will stop you feeling so hungry during the day! Just a suggestion.

Ah thanks so much i didnt think of that, that would make sense as dont usually get to eat until gone 10pm which i know isnt good!!

Fantastic idea - thank you xxxx ;)
Thanks Lissy,

Everyones so lovely on this site I already feel more focused!! Seeing how well everyone has done is a massive insentive!! Trying to work my way around the site and work out how to do things ill get there in the end!!!Lol

Thanks again xx :eek:


Strong women stay slim
That is good half a stone already !
I need my willpower back ASP lol . Thats good you are keeping busy with the horse's . So 3 stone to go , i think thats what i have got to lose now . as i'm back to 178 . Well hang in there and if i get back to dieting i'm going for slimfat and i'm going to give you arun for your money ok :) I'll post if i get back on ok , but watch out you will need to pull out all the stops to catch me ok lol
Good Morning MsJMC,

Hope you are well and had a good weekend, thank you for the email was really bad over weekend!! Im blaming the weather!!Lol Really annoyed with myself now and determined not to weigh myself as I know ill prob fall off the waggon for good!! :mad:

So you have about the same to lose as me, come on you can be my motivator i need one thats for sure!! Defo keep me posted, going to hold you to that run for my money!!Lol xxxx :eek:
My first day Billy and I am a dreadful dieter, so will try and offer you lots of encouragement and hope to get lots in return.

Charlie xx
Hiya Charlie,

Lol hows it going so far?? Im terrible as soon as I start a diet straight away I feel hungry!!! Yes please that would be great and ill defo send lots of encouragement your way, we CAN do this!!!!

Nice to hear from you xxxx
Am doing ok, just looking forward to my dinner now.

And yes we can do this, just focus and look ahead to the new you.

Charlie xx
Good luck billy, I've just started today and feeling really positive. It's great to see his everyone is encouraging eachother. When do people weigh in? Once a week or more? :)
Hiya Haze,

Thank you I need all the luck I can get!!Lol. I know this sites wicked everyone really helps you along I honestly feel so focused now which is amazing for me to say!!! I weigh myself once a week, usually on a Sat just incase I stray over the weekend!!:p

Good Luck xxxx
How was yesterday Billy?

Haze, keep it up, we can do this.

Am now on day 2, am loving the shakes and smoothies. Taste so yummy.
Hiya Charlie,

Hows day 2?? I totally agree all the shakes and smoothies are well yummy!! Also the snacks, makes it so much easier to stick to eh as feel like we are not starving ourselves!!

Not doing too well have run out of SM so going to nip out at lunch time on way back from walking my little dude (dog) and grab a smoothie from Superdrugs. Will stock up tonight ill go Asda on the way back from stables.

How was ya dinner, did you have anything nice?? Soooooooo look forward to dinner time!!!!

Hope ya 2nd days going as well as your 1st hun, before we know it the weight will be falling off!! xxxx
Was wondering what Sm was rofl, thoguht it might be something special lol.

Have had my lunch now, had a fruits of the forest meal bar, was nice. Looking forward to my chicken with sweet potato and salad for tea.

Do you ride then?


Strong women stay slim
Sm , yes I was thinking what is it , what is it lol
Ok So slimfast , ok billy you still have the upperhand but I'm ready to do this and all on this forum lets give eachother a run for their money ok . Clean slate come wednesday , lets all do our best . How are you doing billy ?

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