Another swimming world Newbie

Jo D

I am a 40 year old single mum of a three year old.I have done every diet under the sun and never worked so decided I needed to join a group

I joined SW last wednesday since Wednesday night my son has been unwell and off nursery so am lacking any adult company as most my friends have kids so we are generally Isolated..This said have done well to follow diet as I usually gain weight when we are stuck at home. I gained 10Lbs when my son had chicken pox.

I seemed to spend first few days having syns I didn't know but seem to be getting to grips now...I guess I will find out forsure wednesday.

Looking to chatting to anyone who has the intellect above a 3 year old:D
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Hi I'm Sarah. I joined slimming world last Thursday. I get my weigh in this Thursday so fingers crossed I've lost some. Are you doing extra easy or green/red days? X
I joined sw last Thursday. Wish it was swimming world more fun as long as there was no one else to see me in a cossie. I'm doing extra easy to.

Jo D

LOL You still have to get from Changing room to pool... Are you finding it hard at the mo..I don't seem to be struggling at all which has suprised me