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Anti-depressants and weight gain

Hi Folks
I've just been down to Boots and weighed myself as I have done on the last 2 Thursdays and it said I had gained 0.1kg!!
I'm gobsmacked as I've eaten 5% or lower all the time, doubled my exercise to AT LEAST 10,000 steps a day - usually more. I've followed all the instructions on taking Xenical, and although I didn't expect a massive loss, I certainly didnt think I'd gain, I'm so dissappointed. This is only week three of my taking Xenical, and I have my first weigh in on Tuesday with the Doctor.
The only thing I can think of is that when my Doc gave me Xenical he also gave me an antidepressant called Mirtazipine. One of the reasons he gave me Xenical was that a very common side effect of Mirtazipine is increased appetite and weight gain. But I haven't had an increased appetite, and am eating about 50% less than I was 3 weeks ago, and I'm keeping my calories down to 1,000 a day at highest.
An anti -depressant can't just make you gain weight regardless of what you eat can it? Surely, I'd only gain weight if I resonded to the increased appetite (which I don't have)

Any advice?

BTW, while I was waiting to go on the scales in Boots, I met a girl who had just come off the scale, she'd lost 13lb in a week and her jeans were hanging off her. She said she had done the Cambridge Diet to lose the initial weight and then was going to go on a maintenance diet. After seeing her loss, followed by my gain, I'm tempted to look into this, any advice on this too?
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Hi Helen

I doubt the other tablets are causing you to gain weight.

What are you eating? I think under 1000 calories is too low, your body will be holding on to everything you eat to store it - if you are exercising then your intake will be much lower - too low IMO.

What are you eating Helen?

The Cambridge Diet it not a healthy eating plan, yes the weight falls off but we all know the quicker it leaves the faster it comes back.

Dont be disheartened! 0.1kg is miniscule, thats 1/5th of a pound! it may just have been the last drink you had.. I can weight about 1kg more at night than in the morning anyway but it can vary by 4kg.

Looking forward to hearing back x
Ah right
okay, Im eating All Bran and a tablespoon of sultanas with little bit skimmed milk for breakfast + xenical
Lunch - lentil soup 0.9% fat +Xenical
Dinner - wholemeal pitta with salad and half can of drained tuna (brine not the one in sunflower oil)with tablespoon of morrisons reduced fat lighter mayo at 3% fat, or sometimes a tablespoon of fat free cottage cheese.
and thats it....other than tea and coffee, about 6 cups a day, quarter of a sweetener in each with little bit of skimmed milk. and at least a litre of water a day.
I'm thoroughly bemused.
I've just checked out the Cambridge Diet online, and it goes against everything I believe in about food so I won't be doing that. I just got a bit excited with seeing the girl on the scales in front of me, I was sooooo jealous. I also realised that I'm studying really hard (re-training after my back surgery for a job as an Open Uni tutor)and there's no way I'll be able to focus if all I'm having is shakes n soup.

I did have a cup of coffee before I went out, so maybe that's it, but that still means I didnt lose anything. Ah well, could be as you say, I'm not eating enough. I haven't dared eat anything today yet cos it way Boots weigh day.
Yeah, I'm going to stick to this Xenical thing, I'm enjoying how well I'm feeling (and sleeping) even if I'm not dropping the pounds like I'd like.
Thanks for the advice.
I needed that :D
Helen, thats nowhere near 1000 calories, do you have access to a calorie counter, you might be surprised.

I have just done a water calculation thingy, at my weight (similar to yours) i need to be drinking 3ltrs a day, which I can just about manage with a bottle on my desk.

All bran is like a sponge, I think with one serving about 1ltr is used to soak it up.

I cant see any fruit or veg which wont help either.

when you say nowhere near 1000 calories, do you mean I'm not having enough, or too much?
I don't have a calorie counter, but I bet I can access one online somewhere. Or do you recommend buying a book or something?

I'm not great with fruit, but I have that tablespoon of sultanans like I said, and maybe slice a banana into the cereal.
The veg comes in in my salads, Its not all leaves, its diced raw veg, carrots, onions, peas, beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, kinda looks liked cubed coleslaw, it mixes into anything

I'm going to make a conscious effort to drink more water then. I can forego a few coffees I think.

You're being extremely helpful!! Thankyou bucketloads
Coffee is as good as water, the fluid intake can be anything but watch the calories and caffiene...

I dont think you are having enough calories, especially as you may be burning 2-300 per day on exercise.

online calorie counters are everywhere on line - i use this one Calorie Counter but there are loads of others.

Have a look, see what it comes out at.

Julie x

I've just joined my fitness pal.com too.....I'll be much clearer on things if i can keep a food diary that does the maths for me

I'm feeling happier now, thanks :D

Try the Food Focus website, they have the calorie content of nearly every food available. I used it when following weight watchers-I thught I was eating loads cuz I was stivking to my 18 points per day but I was only eating 700 calories some days. SO not enough. IMO 1000 calories per day isn't enough.
your body is holding onto the fat!!.. if your eating way less calories and fat your body will go into panic and hold on to every bit of fat it can in fear that its going to be starved .. you need to increase your cals a bit to be able to do that amount of exercise and loose weight xxxx
Hi Helen
my doctor has put me on xenical to help lose the weight i gained from taking anti-depressants - this was a gradual weight gain over a 9 year period - but i am now unable to lose the weight through healthy eating and diet alone so he has given me these to boost my weight loss. like you i cut my calories down as much as i could but after reading the replies to your thread looks like i will be redoing my diet plan.

hope it works well for you

Hi helen!

the gals are right i had the same problem was eating tooo few calories and not enough fat to make the tablets work! also was following WW and not eating my full points which put my body in starvation mode!

I would deffo advise you to stick with the calorie counting diary online and also drink plenty of water! the fat that leaves ur body can come out with ...well... your wee! hehe
Thanks folks, I appreciate the advice. I went out to celebrate 3 weeks of being on the happy pills (they've really kicked in and I feel ACE) and as you may see in my thread - I cocked my eating plan up - best laid plans and all that.
I'm back on track now, and eating and recording as I should be.

I wish they could invent a happy pill that didn't make you put on weight - weight gain is the last thing you want when you already feel down about yourself. I'm coming off them as soon as the doc thinks is right (apparently 6 months after you start to feel better is the usual time, but I dont want to wait that long.)
I'm finding using the food and exercise diaries on myfitnesspal.com INCREDIBLY useful - I hadnt noticed what I was doing until I saw it in black and white.
My hangover hurts - Im going to have a little lie down and whimper

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