antibiotics & ketosis


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Just a quick thread but woke up on friday with a nasty throat infection but carried on with my CD then on staurday could hardly swallow water so GP gave me some antibiotics in liquid form and I stuck to my CD too.
Sunday Im out of ketosis and really feeling down too.
Now its Monday morning again not in ketosis and feeling so much like I just want to eat for england!!
Its the additives and the sucrose in the antibiotics that have taken me out of ketosis and I told the GP I was on CD too he told me it wouldnt affect me so beware when taking anything from the GP it may take you back a few steps.
Moan over lol
All the best:)
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Poor old you! Antibiotics didn't knock me out of ketosis so I do sympathise - how rotten for you!
Hope you're feeling better very soon!


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o no what a bummer.... double wammy!!

capsule form antibiotics didnt knock me out of ketosis well i didnt notice if they did lol.

aawww hugs ur way hope u feel better soon! dont give in to the food demmons lol

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Thanks shell09 im committed to the diet its great and I feel great loads of energy, not sleeping as much etc. Ill keep you posted


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Sorry this has happened to you.....hope you feel better again soon hon x

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Im on Amoxicilin and I know how you feel. Im stressing about coming out of Ketosis, if i should be eating with them, being more tired then i already am etc...


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It will be because it's a suspension not capsules.
Bloomin' typical isn't it, its like 3 TEASPOONS a day.
Get well soon, at the end of the day its more important to take the anti biotics and get better x