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Antibiotics !!


wants to be slim
Hi All,

Yesterday my doctor has given me 2 lots of antibiotics to take and on the label it says 'take with food', i did advice my doctor i was on the cambridge diet so she knew. I have been taking them with my shakes since yesterday but today i feel really unwell and sooooooo tired and also feel hungry again (ive checked with the sticks and i am still in ketosis). I am on SS and my consultant is due tomorrow for my WI and to give me my products but i'm just thinking maybe i should move up to SS+ or the one above just whilst i'm on these antibiotics just so that i can have some food inside me with this medication - just wondered how everyone else has gone on with this diet whilst they've been on antibiotics as i certainly don't want to give up the diet as this is only my 1st week on the diet and i am doing so well as i got on the scales this morning and ive lost 1/2 stone already.

Any advise appreciated.
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please try again
hey hun

when i was on antibiotics a couple weeks ago my cdc rang the cambridge medical officer who advised i add 250ml of skimmed milk to my shakes to have my meds with

on a previous course of antibiotics i had a spoonful of cottage cheese and a bit of lettuce with my meds
You could try grilling some chicken and eating a few pieces of chicken or something else you like. If you stick to your proteins it shouldnt affect your weight loss. You need to get well, thats as important or probably more important than your loss this week. HUGS


wants to be slim
Thanks all - i emailed my cdc with my order for this week as he's coming tomorrow and i said i was going to add a meal from tomorrow as i think i need something with my meds, also i'm off on holiday (halfboard) a week on saturday so i was going to add a meal anyway for that week so it is just a bit earlier - i can always drop down to SS again on my return from hols but like you say the most important thing is that i get well and especially want to be better for my hols
Claz ...where is your holiday too?


wants to be slim
It is the family holiday to Scotland for a week - we've been to the same place for the last 3yrs and the kids absolutely love it as there is so much to do for them and they want to go back again and again - we are then hoping to go to Spain to my hubby's parents apartment but that will be a'grown-up' only holiday a couple of weeks later. I am really looking forward to both and just hope i feel better and can enjoy it.
Scotland is a lovely place ...and all the best people come from scotland (I was born there!). I hope you all have a blast, and looking at the weather forecast for the next few weeks i might be good weather too which is a double whammy.

And an adult holiday to spain :D that to me sounds like heaven. We went to spain in september last year, stayed in Salou and it was perfect! Buenos Dias!


wants to be slim
We got married in scotland as well in gretna green on New Years eve so its always a special place for us so we always go there at least once a year and always have a good time and we always get good weather so heres hoping this year will be just as good. AND that i stick to the diet as much as I can - i am going with the intention to only have an evening meal, so fingers crossed i won't be tempted by the breakfast's (which are my weakness) - think i might have to stay in bed and let my husband and the kids go to breakfast on there own so i'm not tempted lol
you know a lay in would sound appealing to me :D. I hope you have a great time.

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