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Anwen's diary


I've been going to SW for three weeks now, have lost 6.5lb so far, aiming for a minimum of half a lb next week to make the first half stone, but trying to work for at least 2lb as my weigh in is on Tuesday, just before Xmas! Mind you, it's my mum's birthday, so I'll probably be full of cake and jelly ;)

I mostly tend to stick to red days, as on green days I tend to get ravenously hungry and eat masses of chocolate on the way home from school... I'm looking forward to Extra Easy, though, as there are days when I'd like to have a bit more flexibility without having to do mix 2 max (which just confuses me!) I'll probably stay mostly with red, though.

Today I had a big bowl of fat free bio yog, splenda and blueberries. I've got a horrid cough, so went back to bed (my mum had my daughter last night) and got up around lunch time for a sausage and bacon sandwich. Not too keen on the Tesco low fat sausages, but I got them for 40p in the reduced section last night, so can't grumble! Will probably get the nice posh ones with leek in future, though. Used 2 slices of a 400g loaf and lots of bacon that I trimmed with the kitchen scissors, yum! Had an orange as well.

Dinner's going to be stew left over from last night (slow cooker is my best friend, yay for coming home from class to lovely hot stew!)
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I ate my willpower!
I am also a red girl but have been doing Extra Easy for a week a love it! Good luck and I am sure you will have that 0.5lb off for your 1st half a stone!
When I collected DD from school today, she was in a sulk and wanted to go to a friend's house. We ended up going to visit a friend from work and somehow it turned into a sleepover. We had tea there and the girls put in a concerted campaign of PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!! pestering, which was ultimately successful ;)

For tea I had fish fingers and some curry my friend had made, with chick peas, potato and butternut squash. I also had a bar of galaxy on my way home, so I've gone a bit over my syns for the day, but I let each piece melt slowly in my mouth on the way across the park to the bus stop and it was worth every syn ;)
Slept in till 9.30 today! Marvellous stuff. Got up and had bio yog with frozen raspberries and splenda, then pottered around a bit, before deciding with my mum to go to Matalan for some trainers (my Xmas present, along with some towels - DD is most unimpressed with the boringness, but the towels will come in handy for gym). We had lunch in a cafe, baked potato with cheese and some salad.

Half day at school today, so picked DD up and went to the supermarket, got a double choc muffin which we shared on the way home, think I had about ten syns worth, plus a banana.

For dinner, I mixed some of the stew from Wednesday with a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce and made some SW chips. Had some of DD's microwave mexican rice (about 3 syns), as she didn't like it, and a pink lady apple.
Seems your doing well hun, glad you enjoyed your chocolate. I love mistle toe kisses at the moment as one kiss is just enough to satisfy my chocolate craving and is 3.5 syns xx
Well, went a bit off piste over the weekend, not toooo bad, but not brilliant either. Went to the West End for last minute Xmas shopping (last minute because it was things that are going with DD to Denmark today!) on Saturday and ordered the wrong thing for lunch, then had a muffin because they are so nice... Then we went to a friend's party in the evening and ended up staying for hours and hours and eating quite a few of the Celebrations chocs. Yesterday we went to my mum's and had sugar free jelly, meringue, and ginger cake, then had potato rosti and chicken wrapped in not remotely lean bacon at my boyfriend's for dinner.

So, like I say, could have been a lot worse, but not great either. Still, DD's flying out today, tomorrow I'm going to go to gym to book induction and try to do some sort of class thing while I'm there...
Hi hun, just to say - have a lovely Xmas, don't worry about straying a little...we'll all be back to it after Xmas xxx
Thanks, Louise24 - aye, it could be much worse, I could still be eating like I was when I was on the full dose of these rotten tablets (I've reduced the dose by 2/3rds now, whee!) I'd like to lose a bit this week and keep it off for next week, but even if I just maintain both weeks (or manage not to put more than say, a pound or two back on) that'll be pretty ace, for xmas! ;)
anwen has a shiny sticker!

Yay, another half lb off!

For dinner, I have lamb steaks with new potatoes (going to saute them with the skins left on) and spinach. I'll use the leftover lamb (a reduced pack of four from the supermarket) tomorrow with some couscous and veg for lunch. Not sure what I'll be having for tea.
well done on getting your first half stone hun x
Happy xmas, all! I had a lovely lunch at my boyfriend's (nearly screwed up the whole thing by counting 11.50 + 90 minutes as 2.20pm, but realised just in time to shove potatoes and so on in the oven and have everything come out just right).

Came home to watch Doctor Who in my fab new all-in-one PJs, mm, snuggly! Too full for dinner, so I have had some lovely fruit salad which I made with half an orange chopped into bits, a kiwi fruit and about a third of a GIANT pomegranate from the Turkish supermarket, followed by a packet of minstrels bought from same on way home, hurray! Will probably have some more later, it was very tasty.
Best post a quick update, or my mum'll tell me off ;)

Will be weighing in at a different group tonight, have just sneaked a look at the scales at home and they show a loss, so hoping that I will have at least maintained on the official scales... I've been doing ok, had a fair few extra syns, but have been mostly having proper meals and such. I did have a mini chocolate panettone (one of my two best friends is Italian and gave it to me for xmas!) for breakfast yesterday, no idea how many syns that is, but it was lovely! Definitely a once a year thing, though ;)

Today I've had ryvita and dairylea triangles for breakfast, and have prepared my lunch: half of a thing I made last night with two leftover toulouse sausages, which I squeezed the meat out of the skin and broke into little balls and frylighted with some onions, garlic, green lentils, chopped fresh tomatoes and peppers and half a tin of tomatoes - put the garlic in with the veg rather than frying it off with the onions first, so it's only lightly cooked for maximum healthiness! Lunch will be half of that along with half of a packet of Ainsley Harriot's couscous, it's all quite strongly flavoured so should be nice cold, I've got it all in a tub to take out with me.

Meeting an ex colleague for coffee in Trafalgar Square in the afternoon, I'll get a fruit salad rather than a lump of cake to go with my espresso ;) Weigh in is at 6pm, then home for a chicken breast and some veg and possibly saute potatoes.
Yay, stayed the same! *does happy dance*

I did have half a Cinnabon roll thingy today, but at least it wasn't the full thing - my god, those things are diabetes in a box! I was sensible and went and found somewhere to sit and eat my lunch BEFORE going to Cinnabon ;)

I'm having a pizza for tea, bit of a syn splurge, but I've put lots of extra peppers and garlic on.
Doing ok today, had a few too many pieces of DD's chocolate orange, but otherwise have eaten a SW cereal bar, an orange, some raspberries, pasta/chicken/cheese thingy that worked out to about 1s per portion on EE (with HEa for the cheese) and am planning to have a sausage and lentil casseroley thing for tea, though having had the chocolate I might have something like burgers or omlette for tea instead so as not to have to go over syns for the day with sausages.
Decided to make burgers with SW chips and a sort of tomato and yellow pepper salsa thing, with plenty of garlic (it's a bit of an obsession at the mo!) and some raw spinach. Yum!
Ooo I might make burger and chips today! Although I might be lazy and leave the salsa out lol! x

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