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Anwen's Food Diary


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I'm in my last year at University, only a little over a month to go, and no idea what I'm going to do next year, so stressful times!!
I actually can't wait to start writting this diary 2morrow, I would write 2day's diary but I'm ashamed of the amount of syns I've gone through.
So 2morrow, new start, new me, new diary :D :bliss:
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I've had a small wholemeal roll for lunch with some pombear ready salted crisps (4.5 syns)
woke up late so didn't have breakfast, I'm off now for a walk :)


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Well today was far from being syn free as I had planned, but it could have been a lot worse,

1xsmall wholemeal roll with ham
1xpom bear crisps (4.5)

went for a 7 mile walk up a mountain lol so I drank loads today and had a kit-kat at the top (not sure of syn value)

lean roasted ham with salad, bachelor's rice, beetroot, sw coleslaw, pickeld onions, sw chips, grated cheese

1xpacket of mini chocolate digestives (6syns)

total of syns for today = 10.5 + KitKat
tomorroww I start properly with my 105 syns :D bring it on


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Didn't go to group tonight, I knew I'd put weight on, and I've been before but I felt a bit ashamed that I'd managed to put 4.5 pounds on by only having 2 days off plan!!
but I've been back on plan since yesterday, but as I get weighed on Tuesdays' my sw week starts today :)
I feel like I've eaten loads today and don't feel as slughish as I did yesterday, so I'm slowly getting back to my pre two day binge self

I didn't have breakfast today because when I wake up I usually feel sick (I'm not pregnant) but my dad also suffers from this, but he makes himself eat something lol. Does a good breakfast speed up your weight loss??

8xquorn chicken dippers (4syns)
tin of beans

3xquorn chicken dippers (1.5 syn)
small wholemeal roll (HE B)
tbsp tom Ketchup (1 syn)
2x muller light

chilli and rice

tonight I'll probably snack on some strawberries, or I might make a superfree soup, or my favourite synfree leek and potato soup.
When I'm studying and have a bowl of soup in the fridge I feel I can snack on that instead of reaching for the nearest chocolate

so if everything goes to plan, syns for today = 5.5


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I mis-calculated lol the total should be 6.5,
I then had another chicken dipper 0.5 syn
and then my brother came home with proper coke!! it was so hard to resist!! so I had a small glass 7syn
so the grand total is 14syns :)


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Today I woke up to find that my mum had made me some leek and potato soup :)
So had that for lunch
I then snacked on 2x muller light and an apple
I didn't really feel hungry at dinner, so I was going to make myself a sandwich later on but my dad made me some chicken topped pizza :D which I was so shocked when he bought it over. But after eating my dinner I then went insane and couldn't stop eating so I had another bowl of the leek and potato soup and ate a spring roll (8syns) and then a twirl (8.5).
I was still hunry past midnight so I warmed up a mug of soup and had my HE b of wholemeal bread :)

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