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Any advise on new hair??

Foo Fan

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Hi All,

I posted last week about needing a make over... Well I went to Debenhams and seen a Clinique advisor and got some new make up etc (and tips) and my other half got me new nail-polish for my b'day...

So thats all thats left now is new hair!

Any ideas? My hair is the same style as my profile photo but blond..

I defo want to stay blond but want my hair to look different without cutting it all off (taken me ages to grow it back)..

Anyone got any ideas?

Shall I wait until I get to goal to have my new look?

Should i go to a hairdressers and let then do what they think will look best?

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Do you have a good local hairdressers that you can pop into just for a quick chat and to see what ideas they could come up with? If you do that before you make an appointment then you can't be bamboozled into having it cut there & then. A good professional opinion is definitely worth the time. Am sure whatever you decide you'll look fab! Enjoy the pampering!!


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try that virtal you site, you can put your pic in and then try different looks etc ... not sure of site, but someone will do, and in the meantime I'll look :)

Foo Fan

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bn3003 - I've tried that virtal hair style thing but its not very good - they mostly have up-doo's etc.. But thanks anyway..

bmthsue - I think I will try that tomorrow :)

Do you think I should wait until I get to goal? (around 20lbs to go)


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I think that a graduated bob looks good on anyone, they are short and funky at the back but longer at the front so you can mess with, or put a clip in (sound like my Grandma!)
I also think that maybe go 'half way' and if you like it a touch shorter you can go back.

My hair is never the same week in week out, I cut it myself, I colour it with alarming frequency and like STBL Gem I love clip in hair pieces etc.

Foo Fan

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I've had short hair before and hated it - only just got it long after a year or so of trying -

That is my short hair :(

(It was shorter at the back than it looks)
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From looking at your picture - I think you would really suit a bob, the stylish ones that go up at the back and are longer to the front - gorgeous! :) Hugs x x x
If you want something really different from just now I'd say definitely go for a fringe, if you want to cut it after that, you could get some layers in it.

I got mine cut last week from being longer than it is in my profile pic to a shoulder length graduated bob and love it, but I was happy to go shorter.


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take a look at my new hair and other pics, i went for a drastic change , was nervous but i love it and ivwe got more confidence with it xxxx
I am growing mine so that I can have a radical change in a month or so - trouble is, I get in the chair and get all flustered and end up telling them to just do what they think is best and what they think will suit me.

I really hate going to get my hair done - it's like my version of the dentist. I have not changed the style for at least a couple of years because it is easier just to say "just take some off it and tidy it up".

This time I am determined. I am even going to go armed with pictures this time!

(I think)


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TBH I really like your hair now. It's a nice length and looks so healthy.
My hair is probably boring to other people but I love it. I rarely change the style of it. Might get a fringe every year or two that's it.
But it's long, usually dark brown (have highlights now), glossy, healthy, thick and really easy to straighten/curl.
I have a few layers at the back and front but nothing major.
Even though it might sound boring, most people want my hair. It's in such good condition and always shiny. Kinda like Jennifer Aniston. Her hair never changes but we all want it!

If I was you I'd probably let it grow longer and change shades of blond for a change. It looks gorgeous in your profile picture.
I wouldnt wait till goal, do it now if you're ready!

What about a colour change rather than a cut? Would you want to go blonder? darker? flashes of a contrasting colour? get some hair mags!

My CDC's gone platinum blonde, really suits her but she is quite fair. I'm getting highlights on Tues, nervous but looking forward to a change.


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Just by looking at you I think you should go for a fringe and a 'shaggy' cut. You need some choppy layers in which although won't take the length of you hair off, will make it look at little shorter becasue you have got rid of some of the weight. I think feathers and choppy cuts soften the face too and look feminine, very flattering.

Foo Fan

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I've gone back blond (about a month ago) so colour is different to the profile pic but style is the same. I just want it to look different - I feel like I've looked the same for years - and want to look different from the "fat" me!!!!


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Why not go darker rather than staying blond?
Maybe a long layered fringe?

I love Claudia Winkleman's hair but couldn't stand it hanging around my face.

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