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any diabetics on cambridge diet??


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Hi Laura

I'm also a type 2 diabetic and I'm doing Lighter Life - don't take this as totally correct & do go on the advise of your own gp but when my doctor saw me for the medical you have pre LL she said that it was okay to do the diet while on Metformin as you don't have a hypo with them. Don't know if this depends on how many you take a day though - I'm only taking 1 500mg per day and I have noticed that my sugars have lowered in the 3 weeks I've been doing it but that can only be a good thing - the lowest it's been is 5.6. I'd advise you to just keep on testing.



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Hiya - I am Type 2.

If you are doing 1200 step you can stay on the Metformin but if you come down to 1000 or below you cannot continue to take them - the CD booklet tells you this.

You will have very low sugar readings, if you continue to have them you can cause more damage than you are trying to correct by dieting.

I started on the 1200 back in Jan did that for a month then did 790 for 5 weeks and now I am SSing I have been off my Meds since end of Jan beginning of Feb and I have just had a blood test at the docs and I got a hug and a kiss off the Diabetic Nurse, I am on NO meds at all now and I was on 6 Metformin a day back in October 06 + Atorvastatin + Omeperazole (Heartburn).

When I had my last test in Dec my long term was 7.7 and fasting 6.4 it was 6.2 long term and 4.7 fasting on 12th March.

Just be careful and monitor yourself if you have some 'FUNNIES' low sugar rushes then cut the metformin down or at least discuss it with your Nurse/GP.

Hope this helps - you will have others come back to you about this as you are not the only one.

Hugs and good luck - Best thing I ever did.


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Hiya you can carry a bar with you as Geri says, but all the bars contain Sugar so you would have to be careful and only have a mouthful not the whole thing.

Take care


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Would you mind if I emailed you for a copy of that leaflet too - just that I'm back at my drs next week and it would be good to have some prior knowledge before I speak to her.


CDC's should have this but in case they haven't you can email me for one.

All the diabetic protocols and procedures are changing towards the end of April but this leaflet is the most current guidance.



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I am type 2 diabetic.

I started LL last September on 3 x 500mg Metformin a day and by week 3 and ever since I haven't been on any medication. My BG is about 4.2 every morning. My GP has said that we can review when I start re-eating but he thinks I may not ever go back on tablets because of my weight loss.

The diabetic nurse however ha smentioned maybe 1 tablet a day to get the best out of my BG and help it into cells when I have finished the diet. So we will see ! I feel great though.
S: 13st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st7lb(3.72%)
I was on Metformin for PCOS (so because I was high risk for diabetes and definitely insulin resistant) but they said stop it when I started diet. Or rather, the private GP I paid to see told me I should do that. My regular GP wouldn't let me do the diet as they didn't approve! But I have recently stopped my duiretic blood pressure tablet - am I a happy gal? It is so great to have to stop taking a medication because of your weight loss. Lots of luck and enjoy your achievements, you will do it!
I am impaired glucose tolerant which means im one step away from becoming diabetic. I have controlled it for the last 5 years with diet.


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On 5th April I was discharged from the hospital and now only need to see my GP yearly. All because I have lost weight. The doctor at the Hospital said that if he hadn't have known I was diabetic my bloods would have told him I was normal (well as normal as I can be). He said that just by losing weight I had added years to my life, so if that isn't an incentive to lose the weight and keep it off I don't know what is!

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