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any GN runners here?

S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)

i asked on the 'pink' site and i'm asking here....

is there any other Great North runners on here.

just wondered how your training was going so i can compare.

it's not long now and i wondered what everyone was upto milage and whether you're running, walking or a combination of both?

my aim is to run it and i'd like to do it in a minimum time of 2hrs 30mins but would love to do it in 2hrs.

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Cambridge Consultant
Hi There! Fellow GNRer here :D
i'd like to say my training is going very well, except due to a combination of awful weather, resulting in awful illness, i've not exactly been out much for a bit!!:eek:

However, back on the road, so to speak, this week and i'll just do the best I can.
I do mostly a mix of walking/jogging - basically tons of hills up here so I walk up them, jog back down :D

i managed it last year, even less fit, in three hours which I was pleased with. Was hoping for 2.5 this time, but the way my year has been, I'll be happy to be just crossing the finishing line again!

Not very helpful re the training I'm afraid, but hope to see you there!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)

i know what you mean about the hills. dh's parents live near to morecombe/lancaster. it's really hilly round there.

last time i was over, a few weeks ago, i couldn't stand running the hills (even though i usually put at least 7 to 8 hills in when i'm running at home) so i ran along morecombe prom and clocked up 8 miles non-stop. what i noticed is that there's a lot of fit people around their area, many cycle, walk or run. round here's there's not so many runners or cyclists.

i was told that if you can do 10 miles then you can do the 13. however i'd like to get to 14 or 15 before the GNR so that i know that i can do it all and then work on my time. it's the hills that kill my speed and i slow down whilst running up them. i can be running along at 10 miles a min or 10.30 min miles, i hit a hill and it drops to 11 or 12 if i'm very tired.

it'll be nice to meet everyone at the diabetes stand oct 5th.

have you got much stuff from them yet? i've got my vest and sponser forms but that's it!



Cambridge Consultant
I've got my diabetes vest and sponsor forms - just need to get out and collar some more people!! (See my sig for the Cambridge team link - Anyone?? All sponsors gratefully received :D)

Not dared to try it on yet - will likely just put it over my own shirt and hope its not too hot a day!!

Do you not get the Great Run Magazine? Not sure if I get that anyway cos I ran last year, and my OH has done it for the last 3, or is it 4 now?? (See how much notice I take lol)

I realised that I'd been getting emailed training plans from diabetes and that we were up to week 7 already....:eek:
I guess I'm a bit behind! Last time I was running (well jogging) I was doing well, for me. Its just over 4miles to the nearest town and I was doing that in about 45mins (the first mile is all uphill so i use it as a 'warmup')

Not had time to get out and do any serious, long distances yet. but last year I did a full circuit around here which is just over 9miles including the flippin hills, just the once. Still got around the course.

The first couple of miles until you get over the bridge - well, that was my favourite bit, I didnt allow myself to slow down till I'd stepped off there. Then I just did what I had to do! Its brilliant towards the end, just when you think you've nothing left, the crowd cheer you on and you get a kick start. Plus there's a lovely downhill bit just before you get to the seafront which gives you a lovely boost :rolleyes:
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
i've just been scaring myself silly about it. been looking on ytube at videos. so scary. argh!!!! i must run 100% of it as that is that i've set myself a challenge to do. it's just so worrying!

i've not got any mag from GNR. looked a bit at the course but it's hard to understand what the gradients really are like that, flat, on paper!

i've been doing lots of hills in practice. don't know what milage you're supposed to be upto re:- training plan. doing my own thing really!

is the first big hilly? you said it was part of your favourite bit... just wondered why?


Cambridge Consultant
I think it was favourite purely because its the iconic bit! The pic in my sig is off there.. and you can just spot me at the front in a pinkish top..honest!

It was the one thing I was determined to do - run from the start and not stop till I got past the bridge..... just about 2miles.
Seeing as I'd done not too much training (though more than I seem to be able to fit in at the minute :eek: ) I was quite proud of myself!

As for the gradients, there are no 'hills' as such when compared to the Pennines near here :eek: but there are certainly 'undulations' lol. I've not got the map handy, but I remember a long uphill around mile 10/11 I think. That was a killer. i still managed to get a good pace up (it helps when you get overtaken by the octogenarian! seems to focus your mind a bit.....)

Anyway - I have high hopes for my training plans, indoors at least. I finally have a treadmill on its way so I can at least get some time in until I can get back on the road! I've got a fair bit of catching up to do - My OH did 9miles tonight, just 'cos' he said! Its allright for him, he works 'down south' where its flat, AND he hasn't got to sort the kids, dogs, customers et al out before he can find an hour to go........

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